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Extremely Davis Date Ideas For Friends or Lovers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Ah, February. We’re in the midst of winter, and “love” is in the air. In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is the most desperate time of the year. People across the world settle for the bare minimum from their significant others and situation-ships just because they don’t want to be alone on this capitalistic day. 

Personally, I don’t think you need a special someone to go on a cute Valentine’s date. I recently stumbled upon TikTok creator George Welly’s video about how we should normalize taking our friends out on all our extravagant cute date ideas. George filmed a TikTok talking about his jam-packed San Francisco Bay Area date itinerary, and I wanted to share my extremely Davis date itinerary.

Farmers’ Market & Picnic

I would start the day off with Davis’ one and only Farmers’ Market. With so many stalls from fresh produce to handmade crafts, it would be so cute to browse everything there. I pick up at least a few pastries, strawberries, apple juices, and flowers. After walking through the entire market, I’d picnic in Central Park and bask in the sun.

Thrifting & Window Shopping

After fueling up, I would most definitely do some shopping in Davis or Sacramento. For local downtown shops, I’d check out Kobe Mini Mart, Armadillo Music, and Treehouse Vintage. Kobe always has snacks on hand if you’ve already browsed the entire store inventory. Armadillo Music has vinyl, stickers, incense, and other Urban Outfitter-esque room decor. Treehouse Vintage always has the cutest thrifted pieces (without having to do the thrifting yourself). If Sactown’s Finest Market or World’s Worst Expo was happening, I’d definitely head over to Sac just to check those out. They’ve got everything (thrifted clothes, sneakers, handmade items). 

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All that windowshopping (or actual shopping) can really tire you out, so I’d opt for a more chill evening. If anyone has energy left, I’d take a walk in the arboretum before sunset and find a place to watch it. Alternatively, you could drive to the top of Hutchinson Parking Lot and chill in the car until sunset. 

Dinner & Dessert

For dinner, you could honestly go anywhere, but I’d opt for my personal favorites, Korean barbeque, pho, or poke. I’d recommend Manna Restaurant (the only Korean place), Pho Tasty, and Good Friends respectively. And last but not least, there’s always room for dessert. If you’re feeling boba, I’d head over to MochiNut for mochi donuts, Mandro Teahouse for bingsu (shaved snow ice), or Akira Boba for interesting drink options. 

I know that this itinerary is filled to the brim with fun but tiring activities. Some people might only be up for one or two. Others might be down for the entire thing. I give you full permission to steal bits and pieces of this plan for your own use, but this is the date that I would take someone on if they asked me to show them Davis. Have fun on these dates, my friends!

Alternative Ideas

  • Go grocery shopping (preference for Kim’s Mart to support local businesses) and cook something new
  • Head over to Trader Joe’s or Davis Food Co-op, make a charcuterie board and have a wine night (if you’re of legal drinking age)
  • Visit the cows, llamas, goats, and horses near the equestrian center and arboretum
  • Make a picnic and head to the arb for a relaxing afternoon of painting or reading
  • (Extremely Davis) Search for the Davis Triceratops
  • Head over to the craft center and make something together
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