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Emma Gary: Museum Curator Extraordinaire

Emma Gary, is a third year Art History and History major who works as a student curator and museum assistant at the C.N. Gorman Museum, located in 1316 Hart Hall. The museum predominantly showcases the work of indigenous artists. Emma sat down to tell us about her job and why she recommends a trip to this museum to all students!

What is it like working for the museum?

Working at the C.N. Gorman Museum has been such a great opportunity for me, as part of my passion for art history comes from my interest in museum studies. I’m a student curator and museum assistant for the Gorman so I interact with visitors, work in collections handling artworks, and help with events the museum puts on.

What’s your favorite part about working there?

I really enjoy being able to learn so much at work. Whether I’m learning more practical skills that will help me in future museum work or learning about the culture or practices a certain work of art comes from, I have so many opportunities to learn.

What kinds of displays has the museum had recently?

The current exhibition is Patterns of Endurance, which shows Creative PhD candidates from the School of Māori and Pacific Development at the University of Waikato in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Their work spans various media and they describe their work as “creative research through Indigenous practices… art informed by our ancestors.” The show for Winter Quarter is Protest and Prayer, and our Spring Quarter exhibition is Great Basin Painters.

Can you describe the way the museum chooses its pieces and the way the transition between displays work?

Exhibitions vary between group shows, solo shows, and exhibitions of certain collections, usually organized along the lines of a group of related artists or a theme.

What are some of your favorite museums to visit back home?

My favorite museums to visit back in LA are probably MOCA (the Museum of Contemporary Art) and the Hammer Museum. The Museum of Broken Relationships isn’t really art related, but also pretty great.

Why should students check out the N.C. Gornan Museum?

Students should come check out the museum to learn more about Native American and indigenous contemporary art and see new shows every quarter. The museum is also a great place to take a break and look at something beautiful.

Go here to learn more about the C.N. Gorman Museum

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