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The Dining Commons is incredibly convenient with a variety of fresh meals prepared daily. It’s great for freshmen who generally don’t have too much access to kitchens and upperclassmen who don’t feel like cooking. As good as it is, eating in the DC every day can get pretty monotonous, so many students use the food available to them to create their own unique combinations. Here are a few ways to change up your DC experience.



Students are very fortunate to have made-to-order eggs available every day for breakfast. When tortillas are available, you can ask for scrambled eggs with various vegetables and wrap it up for a delicious breakfast burrito. You can also toast English muffins and add an egg cooked however you like it for a DC Egg McMuffin®. If you’re not too keen on eggs, you can also make your own parfait by layering yogurt, fruit, granola, cereal, and honey in a glass.



The salad bar has several great options to spice up DC food, especially with cheese. Add cheese and some vegetables to a tortilla and put it in the microwave for a quesadilla. The salad bar also usually has salsa to go along with your quesadilla. The DC also frequently has chicken tenders, which can be paired with a waffle from the waffle maker for the specialty treat, chicken and waffles.




Once again, the cheese at the salad bar is incredibly useful, because you can also make nachos or cheese fries. The DC offers nachos at late night about once a week, but you can also make them yourself. By microwaving tortilla chips (or potato chips if you’d like), layering cheese, beans, vegetables, salsa, and sour cream, you’ve got nachos at any time of the day. The DC also has fries daily, and microwaving them with cheese on top makes a delicious snack.



Combining root beer and vanilla frozen yogurt in a glass for a root beer float is a favorite among many students. You can also make apple cider, by first putting 1/4 of a cup of soda in a glass and 3/4 of a cup of apple juice.



Daily desserts are among my favorite parts of eating at the DC. You can microwave a cookie for 15-20 seconds and add frozen yogurt on top for your own Pizookie, or add another cookie on top of that for an ice cream sandwich. You can also make your own fruit cobbler by putting fruit cut into small pieces in a bowl, adding granola and brown sugar, and mixing before putting it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Personally, I think this taste best with frozen yogurt added on top.


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