Crash Landing on Korean Netflix Dramas

South Korean pop music has been dominating the global music charts, but the appetite for Korean media does not stop there. South Korean entertainment has been feeding the global hunger for fresh media content recently, with Korean pop music and dramas streaming everywhere on your nearest screens. 

With the globalization of streaming services such as Netflix and Youtube to countries on the other side of the world, the availability of international content is growing.  The South Korean director of the Golden Globe-winning Parasite, JoonHo Bong, made the case for foreign films when he said, “Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” Parasite was the first Korean film to win a Golden Globe in the foreign category.

Netflix has been adding Korean television shows in timed increments; you can find older, full-length series or look for new ones that are coming out on a weekly basis. The recent additions of old and new Korean shows are starting to get noticed by Netflix users, and the interest in this new content is increasing the demand for more Korean dramas. This wave of interest in the Korean media is not unlike the hurricane of K-pop that hit Western countries just a few years ago. Netflix provides Korean subtitles and makes searching for content very easy. In efforts to satisfy this demand, Netflix recently signed contracts with Korean production companies Studio Dragon and Jcontentree to provide multiple, Netflix original Korean drama series.

Netflix originals are shows commissioned and produced by Netflix that are not made to appear on any other network. The two Korean production companies have been working with Netflix to continuously release a multitude of K-dramas. This contract allows Korean production companies to gain exposure in American media, and allows Netflix to increase popularity by producing content that can only be streamed on their network. The production costs of Korean dramas are much lower, and the viewership on Netflix is very high due to its global reach. Netflix dominates the streaming service industry and is available in 190 countries, so the exposure that Korean television shows would be receiving is huge.

So, what should you start binge watching RIGHT NOW?

Highly recommended from K-drama watchers, Crash Landing On You is a show I'm currently watching. The romantic comedy follows Seri Yoon, the youngest daughter set to inherit her father’s business empire, who goes paragliding to test out a physical activities jumpsuit for her own fashion brand. In the midst of her serene paragliding session, a tornado forms out of the blue. (Mind you, I was about to click away because it got way too sci-fi/fantasy real quick.) She is flown up to North Korea, where she crash-lands into a tree and into the life of a handsome army officer. She explains her bizarre situation and the army officer decides he will hide her and get her back to South Korea. Needless to say, there are some heart-melting moments along the way, and I’ve watched six episodes in the past three days. This series is on a schedule, with episodes premiering every Saturday and Sunday, making audiences look forward to the weekend that much more.

Image Source​: Netflix