Cooling Down in Davis

Temperatures are rising in Davis! What’s the best way to cool down? Through cold desserts, of course! Luckily for you, we have come up with a list of the best places in town to get some cold treats!

1.       Sweet and Shavery

Get your fill of multicolored Italian ice, frozen custard, and street crepes!

2.       Sno-Crave

This establishment offers more than just refreshingly sweet milk teas and decadent brick toast desserts. You can also take a bite into a mountain of shaved ice, fondly named “snow,” that consists of thin layers of condensed milk and ice that melts instantly in your mouth.

3.       Bambu

Choose from an assortment of Vietnamese desserts and pick and choose your favorite toppings from: pandas jelly (green and super chewy), tapioca jelly (small and red with a slight crunch), lychee jelly, pudding, and more.

4.       Cultivé

Who could forget frozen yogurt?

5.    Davis Creamery

Your one-stop Creamery for a wide variety of ice cream flavors both standard and unique, all affordable under a tight college budget.