Confidence Inspiration from Brooklyn 99's Gina Linetti

Recently, I started watching one of the best comedies airing on television right now. Wrongfully underrated, Brooklyn 99 is churning out some of the most creative and funniest television episodes of the year. In particular, the diverse cast, the big laughs that aren’t garnered out of hate, and the fun story lines are reminiscent of the lighthearted Parks and Recreation (alright, both shows were created by the same people). However, one character, Gina Linetti reigns supreme. Here are some quips spoken by the queen to inspire confidence in yourself:

1. Her unapologetic attitude gives new meaning to the word “no.”

2. She has a wardrobe that every girl needs:

3. She’ll set you straight on who she really is:

4. She cheers her own self on.

5. Gina doesn’t need anyone’s approval; she’s her own biggest fan!

6. Again, her own biggest fan.

7. She’s a social media queen, and she knows it.

8. Lastly, and most importantly, she’s great at dancing. Well, at least she thinks she is.

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