Classic Paintings That Express Your Feelings as a College Student

How old is stress? Confusion? Financial irresponsibility? They’re all as old as time, probably. As college students, we feel all of the above (and then some) pretty consistently throughout our academic years. After doing minutes AND MINUTES of research, I discovered that paintings from the Renaissance and beyond were actually modeled after the average college student’s range of emotions. It’s factual. Here are some classic paintings that express very common feelings that we all have.     

1. When you know DAMN well you did not just do A-worthy work but you must turn in something, so you accept your fate.


2. The feeling when you have been reading a textbook for an hour and realize that you have processed absolutely none of it.

3. That awkward moment when you show up to an event overdressed and now you must bask in your wrong choice for the rest of its duration.

4. When you know you did terribly on an exam, but the professor zips in with a curve to save your GPA from hellfire. Thanks, helping hand!


5. The glorious release of finally being able to go home for the holidays to see your pets, who think you’re a traitor for leaving them high and dry. A thousand cuddles are not enough.


6. That eyebrow-raising moment when you score better on an assignment than you predicted and are so impressed with yourself. Yes, I am the next Einstein. Hold your awards until I make space for them in my trophy case.


7. When you get out of the shower and are far too lazy to get dressed, so you sort of just wallow on your bed like this until you grow just enough ashamed at yourself.


Thank you, artists of the past. You clearly knew how we would be affected so many years later!

Images used do not belong to Her Campus or the author. Thumbnail courtesy of Pexels.