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Best spotify playlists for your next study session

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Having the right setup when studying can make all the difference. You have to be wearing comfortable clothes, have your chargers nearby, have your drinks ready to go, and most importantly, you have to have the right playlist. This playlist needs to keep you focused, while also calming you for the stressful time ahead. I have tried many different study playlists to find the perfect one. Lucky for me, I have found my favorites, and lucky for you, I am here to share them. Below are my top five Spotify playlists to be the perfect background music for your next study session.

“Classical Taylor Songs for Studying” 

Created by: rachelvh28

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, this one’s for you. This playlist consists of classical covers of almost all of Taylor’s discography. I love listening to Taylor Swift all day long but can find myself fighting the urge to have a mini concert anytime I try to listen to her while studying. That is why I love this playlist — I still get to enjoy my favorite artist, but with less distraction. This is my number one go-to, whether I’m studying or just doing homework. 

classical taylor songs for studying – playlist by rachelvh28 | Spotify

“Fall Studying” 

Created by: oliviababasick  

While I usually prefer an instrumental playlist over a playlist with lyrics, this one is an exception. The songs on this playlist are perfect for cooler weather, sitting in the library while it is raining outside, main character studying moment. And if you are looking for the perfect fall playlist in general, this one is it. With songs from artists like Hozier, The Lumineers, and Fleetwood Mac, it is sure to put you in the perfect fall-studying mood. 

fall studying 🍂🍁 – playlist by oliviababasick | Spotify

“Bridgerton: Official Playlist”

Created by: Spotify 

If you watched the Netflix original show Bridgerton, then you know their music selection is beautiful. The show features instrumental covers of today’s most popular songs that make all the moments they accompany seem so much more exceptional.  Instrumental covers of songs such as “Sign of the Times,” “thank u, next,” and “bad guy” can all be found on this playlist. It is ideal for those intense, late-night study sessions. Also, for viewers of Bridgerton, it takes you right back to the scenes the songs are from, which is just an added bonus. 

Bridgerton: Official Playlist

“Soft Cafe Jazz (Studying)” 

Created by: kanon <3

This playlist is the perfect background music for studying. The creator describes it as having, “Japanese cafe vibes,” which I have never experienced, but after listening to this playlist, I think I want to. With its mixture of smooth jazz and instrumental songs, it is one of my favorite playlists for studying in a coffee shop while sipping my coffee and trying to romanticize my college life.  

soft café jazz (study) – playlist by kanon <3 | Spotify

“Productive Study Lofi” 

Created by: Etymology Lofi

Lastly, the tried and true: Lofi. Most people have seen the Lofi videos on Youtube, with the person wearing headphones, sitting at a desk, with a cat, and doing work. This is that but on Spotify. It is such a good go-to if you need that perfect, background beat to help keep you focused while studying. 

productive study lofi ☁️ – playlist by Etymology Lofi | Spotify

Next time you find yourself needing the perfect background playlist for your study session, I hope you give one, or all, of these a try. Happy listening!

Sofia Gonzalez is a fourth year student at UC Davis. She is majoring in psychology with a minor in education. When not working on school, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and listening to Taylor Swift.