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The Best Places to Find Dogs in Davis

Dogs. Angels sent from heaven above. They can turn any bad day into a good day, with a single lick to the face, a simple wag of the tail, an innocent tongue-out smile and pant. 

Since I could not have my own dog here with me in Davis, I needed a way to fill this gaping hole in my life. I needed to go on the hunt for other dogs to pet. After extensive and excruciatingly detailed field research, I have found the best spots to find dogs in Davis. 

You are welcome. 

1. The Farmers Market

The Farmer’s Market is my number one “hot spot” for dogs. While Wednesday evenings have a notable amount of dogs in attendance, Saturday mornings are particularly full of them, with families mobbing with their dogs to let them run around in the early morning sun. I have been known to frequent the FarMar to eat and watch dogs play. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon a litter of six puppies that sit on your lap and chew on your fingers (a true story that I will simply never, ever forget).

2. The Green Belt

North Davis is home to the Covell Green Belt, a beautiful five-mile stretch of bike paths and open green parks that are literally the perfect place for dogs to run free. The Green Belt is also in the middle of several neighborhoods, making it a hub for community members to walk their dogs.

I go for runs in the Green Belt at least twice a week, and I cannot count how many times I have stopped to pet an old man’s Corgi. There are so many dogs in this area that it can almost be overwhelming. I strongly recommend just strolling through the Green Belt. Not only is it peaceful and beautiful, but there is also a 100% guarantee that at least one pup will cross your path. This is also very literal: several dogs have cut me off on runs multiple times.

3. Downtown

Downtown Davis is another great spot to find dogs. It is very common for people to take their dogs to restaurants, walk them down Third Street, and sit with them around town. There is nothing I like more than going out to eat and seeing a dog on its leash sitting on the patio with its owner. It is so pure. Downtown is also very dog-friendly, where dogs are welcome at most restaurants and bars, making it a perfect place for people to bring their pets.

The next time you need a quick lifting of your spirits, try checking out these places first. You will likely find me at any of these locations. I am the girl with brown hair, on the ground, petting dogs furiously until their owners give disapproving looks. You can’t miss me!

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