The Best Gifts for the Book Lover in Your Life

Does this look familiar to you?

Whether this is you or a friend, here is a list of gifts that book lovers will enjoy. Feel free to use this article as a gift-giving guide for the holidays or to subtly nudge a friend who can’t decide what to get you!

1. Book cover journal

You can find literary-themed spiral notebooks on Redbubble, an online art community shop that sells quirky and timeless designs. You can also get journals made from vintage book covers at this other site, which includes children’s book titles.

2. Book-themed phone case

This Etsy shop sells phone cases inspired by famous books and their covers, with titles ranging from The Wizard of Oz to Wuthering Heights.

3. Book cover purse wallet

If the person you're shopping for loves to incorporate their passions into their fashions, these purse wallets might be an option! They’re basically clutches, and their designs are modeled after book covers of popular literary works. You can get them at this Etsy shop.

4. NovelTeas

Each English Breakfast teabag is individually tagged with a literary quote and can be purchased here.

This same brand also sells book-themed tea tins. Even better, each set’s flavor is listed as a title-related pun, and the tins themselves are shaped like books!

5. Graphic novel adaptations of classic literary works

If the person you're shopping for is also artsy, a graphic novel adaptation of one of their favorite literary works will make the perfect present. There are several titles to choose from in this listicle.

6. ‘Banned Books’ heat reactive mug

When heated, this mug reveals the titles of banned books, which are censored with black bars when the cup is cool— perfect for the obsessive coffee drinker in your life! Get it here.

7. Book cover tee

The Out of Print website offers a wide selection of tee shirts spanning many different book titles.

8. Literary-themed socks

These Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dots socks are also available on the Out of Print shop, among several other book-related designs.

9. Book pins

The Ideal Bookshelf website sells these amazing enamel book pins, which make lovely accessories for jackets, bags, and backpacks.

10. Ideal Bookshelf print

The Ideal Bookshelf also sells prints of paintings depicting books on shelves. Each of these prints render books with linking genres, time periods, and authors. There is even one with the Harry Potter hardcovers! You can also order a custom print with your gift recipient’s favorite books.

11. Literary tote

This UK-based website sells book-themed tote bags with various designs, including famous book covers, book enthusiast quotes, and inspired artwork. (Psst: On this same site, you can find many other book-themed goodies, including office supplies and jewelry!)

12. Personalized library embosser or stamp

These stamps are perfect for that one librarian friend— you know, the one who actually organizes their book collection and is always lending their copies to others. You can get them a customizable embossing stamp here or a personalized ink stamp here.

13. The Book(ish) Box subscription

Every month, The Book(ish) Box subscribers receive a shirt and 3-5 home, beauty, and fashion items — all invoking a literary theme, which changes month-to-month. (This month’s theme is December Yule Ball.) You can have a box sent to your loved one or buy them a gift card so they can get any box they want!

14. Literary candles

You can get scented literary candles from the Uncommon Goods store and the Frostbeard Studio Etsy shop. These are great for the Bath and Body Works junkie and the Mr. Darcy fan who secretly longs for Pemberley.


In the eyes of a book lover, you can’t really go wrong with bookmarks as gifts. These smart designs depict sketched authors’ portraits with their own quotes about reading.

And these whimsical ones are topped with outlines of popular literary characters!

16. Quirky bookends

Bookends are both decorative and functional, and they’re even better if they’re quirky. This listicle shows several utilitarian and attractive designs.

The End.

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