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Though The Bachelor has thousands of fans who tune in religiously every Monday night, the “Women Tell All” episode is one that everyone looks forward to. The confrontations, arguments, the drama — all in one episode. However, this season’s “Women Tell All” rubbed me, along with many others, the wrong way when many of the women came for contestant Katie Thurston. 

Katie started off the season with her bold entrance as she strutted the walkway with a vibrator in hand. Her sex-positive, outgoing attitude captured the eyes of many and made her a fan favorite from the start. Though she was a star amongst the audience, the “Women Tell All” episode showed that the sentiments of the women in the house were not the same. 

Throughout the season, Katie stood up for the girls who experienced bullying in the house and were often ganged up against. She notified Matt of the contentious situations and prompted action to be taken to address the toxic environment that was present. One of the many instances of bullying was when women in the house spread rumors about a new contestant being an escort. Though Katie was praised for actively standing up for her values, some of the women in the house did not see it that way. At the “Women Tell All,” many of the women blamed Katie for creating the toxic environment she was attempting to dismantle. They blamed her for starting drama and found that she kept taking away from their time to build relationships with Matt. Even after Katie explained to them that she had the good intentions of eliminating toxicity and promoting a safe, comfortable environment in the house, the others were not willing to forgive her and continued to attack her for being the root of the drama. 

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In hopes of seeing all the women understand where Katie was coming from and make amends, especially after seeing the season aired, I was quite disappointed to watch this season’s “Women Tell All.” Katie stood up for girls who were being bullied in the house. The issue was already within the house when the bullying started – Katie was just the only one to address it. Katie did not add any toxicity to the house but rather, attempted to resolve the drama. She was trying to help, support, and uplift the women who were experiencing hurtful attacks in a place where they came to find love (ironic, right?). The women who could not take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of them tried framing Katie’s actions to be a form of girl-on-girl hate when really, they were behind the hostility. It was almost like all these women attacking Katie were being performatively feminist when in reality, they were pushing many women down, much like how they did to Katie in this episode. 

Though the women in the house may not have recognized it, Bachelor Nation definitely has come to support Katie, as there have been a plethora of Tweets and posts praising Katie for wearing her heart on her sleeve and following what she thought was right for all of the women. Fans have pointed out the toxicity that the other women instigated in the house and how they must hold themselves accountable rather than putting the blame on someone who had their best interest at heart. As fans continue to post about the other contestants being “delusional” and “stupid,” Katie consistently supports and uplifts the women around her, even the ones who attacked her. She recently posted on her Instagram that all the women on the show have their own opinions and don’t deserve these cyber attacks, as fans should take time to learn more about them before judging. As Katie felt like she was entitled to her own opinions on the show, she values those of her fellow contestants as well and has paid great respect to all the women she lived this experience with. Fans have fallen in love with Katie, and rightfully so. She continuously shows up for the other women and supports them in every way she found best fit. Though Katie may have not found love with Matt in the end, she definitely inspired many to spread some girl love. 

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