The Bachelor Is Back

And just like that, it's back! Millions of viewers around the world tuned in on the first Monday of 2020 to get a glimpse of Pilot Pete and the ladies aboard his flight on this season of ABC’s hit show, The Bachelor. Last year, all of Bachelor Nation got to know Delta Airlines pilot Peter Weber on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. He is most famously known for taking Brown to new heights four times in a windmill during their romantic overnight date in Greece. 

The 28-year-old pilot welcomed a couple dozen ladies to the Bachelor Mansion, all dressed up with elegance in hopes of making a great first impression on who they hope will be their future husband. Night one is always full of surprises- the women arrive with shaking hands, some cheesy pick-up line, or crazy costume in hopes of being remembered by the man of the hour. After all, the infamous “first impression rose” is up for grabs the first night. In years past, whoever receives it typically has a long run on the show and may even be the one in the end. 

Pilot Pete gave his first impression rose to Tennessee model Hannah Ann Sluss on night one. While he seemed to be drawn to her the most, the new bachelor was not shy with his lips. Every few minutes, his lips were on a different girl... gross. I sure hope he had a bottle of Listerine on hand.

The ladies of the house, quick to stir the pot, were already getting jealous of each other, which is nothing new. 


Image Source: Pixabay

While host Chris Harrison claims this season will be “the most dramatic ever”, at the least viewers can expect to see bucket loads of tears (complete with lots of running mascara), women fighting over not having enough date time, and Pete most likely falling in love with at least two different ladies. 

Pilot Pete and his ladies of the season will, without a doubt, face some turbulence on their ride, but that's what keeps it exciting. In the end, hopefully Pilot Pete will find his forever co-pilot. Yes, the show is quite predictable, but by no means does it keep viewers from tuning in week after week. I, for one, look forward to Monday nights, curled up on the couch, watching all the drama unfold in front of me.