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A DEFINITIVE Ranking of Pop-Tart Flavors

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I have always been an on-the-go breakfast person. For most of my life, this meant grabbing a pastry and running out the door. My favorites growing up were the infamous “Pop-Tarts” toaster pastries by the Kellog’s brand, and today, I’m here to rank my top ten flavors. Disclaimer: I have never actually heated a Pop-Tart. If this invalidates my opinion to you, I accept that. (Begrudgingly, of course). 

10. Frosted Boston Creme—This is the most recent flavor I have tried. The inside is good, though not entirely reminiscent of a Boston Creme donut. There is something extra that distinguishes it from regular vanilla, however. The reason they are this low on the list is due to the crust, which is notably drier than other Pop-Tart crusts. To be fair, if I tried heating them, my opinion might change: but if you intend to eat these on-the-go, keep the dryness in mind! 

9. Frosten Cookies & Creme—This is my brother’s favorite. While it’s a good flavor, the inside is too sweet for my liking, and the chocolate crust is too rich for my liking. However, when taken together, this flavor does balance itself out well. The issue is that the crust and filling are distanced from each other, unlike in an Oreo cookie. This makes some bites better than others!

8. Frosted Blueberry—The fruit flavors are less dry than other flavors, which is always a benefit. However, as someone who has to be really in the mood for a fruit flavor, my personal biases put these lower on the list. This flavor is also under strawberry for a similar reason–I prefer strawberries to blueberries. The highlight of the fruit flavors, however, is absolutely the frosting. The little glittery sprinkles are the perfect texture to add to a fruit filling. 

7. Frosted Strawberry—Similar to the last flavor, this would be higher if I reached for it more often. Strawberry is higher than blueberry because it is slightly sweeter in a way that I prefer!

6. Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon—The most classic flavor. This may be too boring for some people, but the girls that get it, get it. AND I GET IT. Somehow this manages to not be as dry as other flavors, while still maintaining the homemade pastry feel. I am a massive cinnamon fan, so if a store has a limited selection, I will always select these!

5. Frosted Banana Bread—This is a new flavor that I was apprehensive about, but it turned out nicely. It tastes like genuine banana, not the artificial banana. It’s also not too overpowering, but still recognizable as a banana bread. This is basically the Brown Sugar Cinnamon flavor with some extra spunk. If you like bananas, I’d recommend giving it a try.  

4. Frosted Strawberry Milkshake—This is another newer flavor that I was afraid would be overly sweet, but it was nice. I bought it mainly for the color, which is gorgeous. This has a lighter flavor than I would imagine, but in a good way. It balances out the sweetness with the strawberry without making it taste artificial. Also, as a plus…this is one of the best crusts they have, in my experience. 

3. Frosted Hot Fudge Sundae—This flavor took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to like the chocolate crust, considering that I’m not a fan of it on the Cookies & Creme flavor, but this time it was less dry. The middle section was quite sweet, but the chocolate continues to the top of the Pop-Tart, eliminating the issue from the Cookies & Creme flavor and balancing out the flavor well. 

2. Frosted S’mores—This was my go-to flavor for all of high school. It’s since grown a little old for me, but I still remember them fondly. The filling is the creamiest out of any Pop-Tart I have tried, and the crust is not dry at all. The chocolate flavor is balanced with the marshmallow without being too rich, which is my biggest issue with chocolate flavors. 

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1. Frosted Confetti Cupcake—This is my Roman Empire. The magnum opus of Pop-Tartery. This is absolutely the best flavor, and no one can change my mind. It’s sweet while not being overly so, cakey without being dry, and I swear the filling section is thicker than on a regular Pop-Tart. The small crunch of the confetti sprinkles on top is a welcome texture with that of the filling. 10/10. 

Hope you enjoyed my review! What’s your favorite Pop-Tart flavor?

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