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8 Inspiring Movie Quotes

I’m such a movie geek, and in certain situations I’ll think of movie quotes to share with my friends. Movies can teach you about life. Not only do they show you ways to ask someone out or how to enjoy a day off school, they also have great advice. Here are some of my favorite inspiring movie quotes:

“Hakuna Matata.” – The Lion King

This one is catchy and even has its own song, which makes this quote extra fun. The Kiswahili phrase mean “no worries,” reminding us that life is too short to get stressed out about things that either are out of our control or that happened in the past. In the long run, it’s how we overcome these challenges that matter. When you show courage and persevere through tough times (whether you have to defend your lion kingdom or endure an extremely hard final), you’ll come out even stronger. It’s a problem-free philosophy.

“I’m the King of the world!” – Titanic

Okay, technically we’d be queens, but the meaning and feeling behind it is the same. This is from the part of the movie where Jack and his best friend are at the very front of the ship, watching the ocean fly past beneath them, seeing the dolphins jump gracefully out of the shining waters – and at that moment, Jack realizes that the whole world, literally, is before him. So many opportunities await you in college, and beyond. The world is your oyster, and you have the chance to make the most of it. This is such a thrilling, inspiring feeling, and it’s times like this when you want to jump onto a bench or a huge boulder, throw your arms out, and declare “I’m Queen of the world!!!”

“Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore” – Frozen

Even though this song has been played on the radio for months and has a jillion covers and parodies, I never get tired of this song. This is one of my favorite power songs because not only is it from one of the coolest (pardon the pun) Disney movies ever, the way the song crescendos in both melody, voice, and meaning is inspiring. Starting off quiet, Elsa struggles as she wants to hide her true self—but as the song progresses and she tries out her powers again, she sings more confidently until she belts out the last verse like a pro. While we will never have icy powers, we can boldly show the world our awesome talents. So, don’t be afraid to let people see your beautiful notebook doodles, to publish your poetry, or to make jokes (even if they’re cheesy).

“I volunteer as tribute!” – The Hunger Games

I’m sure everybody’s felt this way at least once in class when the teacher calls on you to answer a question and you’re not prepared, or when you’re the first one to go up to do a presentation. But Katniss’s conviction as she speaks this line turns the phrase from one of grudging consent to one of bravery and sacrifice. Katniss only participated in the Hunger Games to save her sister, but her bravery begins to inspire people throughout the districts to overcome their terror and to stand up for what’s right. Hopefully you will never have to shoot an arrow to save your life, but you will come upon situations in which you will be challenged. Just remember that you’re not alone: everyone has gone through what you’re going through at some point in their lives. By the end of this term you will emerge a victor!

“We’re just gonna have a little fun instead.” – Rise of the Guardians

Jack Frost says this to little Jamie when the boy admits that he’s afraid. Jack tells him that everything will be alright because there’s always a positive way to handle things. It can be intimidating and scary dealing with exams, midterms, papers, finding internships, getting the classes you need or want, nailing that interview, and many other things vying for your attention this quarter and this year. When things feel too overwhelming, just take a step back and breathe. Do you have to reread four chapters on your own to prepare for the test coming up – or could you invite fellow classmates over and host a Jeopardy-themed study session? And for your internship or job, try putting something on your resume that is a bit nerdy – you don’t need to become the next Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, but show them that there’s more to you than grades or past jobs. Saying that you bake during finals week to de-stress is a good conversation starter, and it shows your potential employers that you are a real person who knows when to take a break and have a little fun every now and then.

“I’m horizontal running.” – Pitch Perfect

Not only is Fat Amy hilarious in this movie, but she brings up a good point in a fresh new way: you’ve got to stay fit, because you never know when you might have to do some vertical running. All jokes aside, it can be hard getting to the gym and getting in a good workout. Fortunately, there are other ways you can exercise. For example, the Bellas incorporate dancing into their a capella routines. Or, you can always get a group of friends together and try IM Frisbee. If you have a significant other, ask him or her about their favorite kind of sport, and then ask them to teach it to you. That way, you’ll have one of the best exercise buddies with you to encourage you. If all else fails, you can also do what Fat Amy does and just run away, screaming, “I’m vertical running!”

“I’ve got the power.” – Bruce Almighty

While you probably won’t get God’s powers for a whole week, you’ve still got amazing talent. All you need is a little confidence. I’m not saying you should strut down the street singing at the top of your lungs (though that would be fun), but you can do so much and you’ve got a lot going for you. If you find yourself thinking something is impossible, remember these three words: you’ve got this. Do you have a test coming up? You’ve got this. Nervous about asking that cutie out on a date? You’ve got this. Unsure if you should try out for that part in the next theater production? You’ve got this. And unlike Bruce, you won’t lose your awesome gifts after a certain amount of time. Your talents and skills stay with you as you go on to change the world.

“You got into Harvard.” “What, like it’s hard?” – Legally Blonde

You’re going to meet people who aren’t very supportive and who don’t encourage you. Elle Woods faces this a lot in Legally Blonde, but she has faith in herself and ends up not only winning a murder trial, she also comes out at the top of her class, gets engaged to a kind and smart man, and is surrounded by people who love and support her in the end. If someone doesn’t support you or your dream, they’re not worth your time. They don’t have to have the same dream as you, but they should always have your back and push you to be your best. If anyone doubts that you could be the next CEO of a company or the one to find a cure for cancer, stand up for yourself. Your dream might not be that hard to achieve.

What other movie quotes inspire you?

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