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8 Cozy Fall Items Everyone Needs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

Halloween is right around the corner and it has finally started to feel like fall in Davis. Check out these warm and cozy items to get you through midterm season!

1. These cozy Bearpaw slippers to keep your feet warm.

2. These autumn-inspired socks to go with the slippers.

3. This bralette from American Eagle because it’s cute and comfy.

4. Literally the best smelling candle in the entire world that smells like fall mixed with a hint of men’s cologne.

5. Lace underwear multi-pack for days of comfiness.

6. Inspiring and chic pencil pouch that actually makes you want to study.

7. Really comfy knit blanket for naps.

8. The prettiest motivational mug on the planet.

Stay warm and good luck on midterms, Aggies!

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