6 Beauty Products That You Need to Buy Right Now

I'll admit it: I've been on a beauty shopping spree since the holidays and haven't been able to get over some of the products. So, as a gift from me to you, I will impart some of my beauty product wisdom — and hopefully, you too will be able to experience the magic of these products like I have.

(Side note: Please remember, though, that you don't need to wear makeup to feel beautiful. All of us are magical unicorns who should simply wear makeup to enhance features sometimes, but know that we have gorgeous features already.)

1. Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask 


Image source: Sephora

Let me lay out the scene for you: it was my birthday, right after Christmas, and I was at the mall for some of those sweet year-end sales. I went to Sephora for my free birthday gift (and ONLY my free birthday gift, as I was stocked up with beauty products from Christmas) and, not wanting to look like one of those weirdos who stands in line with nothing in their hands, I quickly grabbed this small, $4 nighttime mask.

From then on, my world has never been the same (okay, that was only two weeks ago, but still). This mask is AMAZING. It makes my skin so hydrated and seriously brighter the next day — and I swear that it got rid of my acne.

2. Physicians Formula Nude Wear Makeup Kit 


Image source: Physician's Formula

I'll admit it: I love sparkles. Moreover, I love sparkles on my face. The Physician's Formula Nude Wear line is perfect for this: the face powders (I've personally used the light bronzer and blush the most, but I also have a kit from way back in the day that also came with a color for fair skin). The bronzer isn’t too dark, which is always a problem for my skin because it's pretty light, and it has the faintest bit of sparkles embedded within the powder. The blush is very faint, too, but I like it this way because it makes it look very natural (plus, again, it's sparkly!).

3. Lush Sugar Daddy-O Conditioning Bar

Unbeknownst to me when buying this, apparently this conditioner is mostly targeted toward blondes (and, being a brunette, this doesn't help me much)! Although I cannot vouch for the brightening qualities of this conditioner, I can say that it does make your hair incredibly soft. Actually, I originally bought this conditioner because it had argan oil in it, among a slew of other oils (note: jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, and a linseed infusion top the ingredient list!). Plus, it gives your hair a nice floral scent.

4. Lush Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar 

Okay, okay, so I clearly love the hair bars at Lush…so sue me! They're amazing. This one manages oily scalps PLUS it gives your hair a nice lavender scent. On a side note: if you're afraid that either of these bars won’t last long, don't be. They last for months and months. When I first used this shampoo bar, it lasted me six months! And for $11, that's a steal.

5. Lush Body Conditioner

I swear this is the last Lush product! Their body conditioners are great; they're easy to put on, because you just put it on in the shower, and they all smell good. Personally, my favorite is the Ro's Argan, but I'm currently using the Snow Fairy kind, and I love it too! My only complaint is that it smells pretty strongly of bubblegum.

6. LORAC Black Tie Attire Eyeshadow Palette 

Image source: Lorac

Being completely honest, this is one of my favorite palettes simply because it fits well in my makeup bag. Size aside, it also has nice, neutral colors that are perfect for most events. The palette also offers both shimmer and matte options, making it even more versatile. Plus, the eyeshadow stays on for such a long time without fading or clumping at your eyelid crease. I highly recommend this!

Cover image source: Jamie Street