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6 Accessories Every Incoming Aggie Needs

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

These accessories are must-haves at Davis, especially for incoming freshman! Prepare for Davis weather as well as miscellaneous items that will save you as a college student.

1. Durable, waterproof backpack

If you get the right backpack, it can last through your whole time at Davis. You’ll want something waterproof, otherwise in winter quarter your notebooks will get soaked through when biking and walking across campus. You’ll also want something large enough and sturdy enough to hold all everything from notebooks, to pens and pencils, textbooks, and gym clothes. Make sure it has a pouch on both sides for water bottles and umbrellas. The more pockets, the better organized you’ll be. Lastly, pick something that you’ll love so you don’t have to replace it

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2. Keyboard cover

No one wants to type on a gross keyboard. A cover will protect the keys and keep food and dirt from messing up your laptop.

3. Reusable water bottle

Trust me, you won’t want to cart huge packs of water bottles to and from your dorm. A large, durable water bottle is a lifesaver, plus there are filtered water stations in the dorms and across campus. It’s important to stay hydrated (especially when it starts to get hot in spring quarter).

4. Lanyard & ID Carrier

Getting locked out of your dorm is the worst (especially when you’ve just gotten out of the shower). Buy a lanyard and ID carrier so you always know where your ID is and you’ll never get locked out!

5. Rain boots and umbrellas

Winter quarter is fairly rainy in Davis, so make sure you have a pair of rain boots. The trick to buying rain boots is making sure they’re comfortable. Davis is a big campus and walking and biking in uncomfortable rain boots is almost as bad as walking around with your feet soaked through. Shorter rain boots are usually more comfortable to walk in because of the tough rubber the boots are made from. Also, make sure you have an umbrella that won’t blow up in the wind!

6. Laptop lock

Leaving your laptop unattended when studying on campus is always risky, even if you ask someone to watch it. The best way to make sure your laptop doesn’t get stolen when you step away is to invest in a laptop lock.

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