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5 Things You Need to Stop Doing as Finals Loom

With the stress of finals fast approaching, it is important to take a deep breath and focus on taking care of yourself while simultaneously doing your best. Here are five tips on what you should stop doing as you navigate your way through finals. 

1. Comparing your progress with others

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Whether that progress means your work, studies, yourself, or anything else, the last thing you should be doing is comparing. Comparing is a sly mechanism that seeps into your thoughts and gradually deteriorates your entire mindset and happiness. Choose thoughts of empowerment over negativity, every time.

2. Leaving no time for a break

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I know that spring break is coming up, and you may be thinking: just push through it to the end. But that is the surest way to burn out even before you get to your first exam! Give yourself breaks between studying, or even take a quick hangout to refresh yourself. Then back to the grind with renewed energy!

3. Studying ineffectively

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Especially if you are a freshman, you may feel the pressure to say yes every time a friend asks to study together. If this isn’t an efficient way for you to study, don’t do it! You’ll feel more burned out by saying yes and not being able to focus than kindly turning the offer down.

4. Not being confident

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Be confident in your studies, and in your work! Set goals, so that you do not feel like you’re studying aimlessly, and quickly lose motivation. Set daily or even hourly goals for yourself, and be confident while you study, knowing that you CAN do this!

5. Constantly checking your notifications

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Alright. I know I can’t be the only one glancing at my phone each time I have the slightest thought that I received a notification. It’s definitely messed up my game when I’m trying to keep up my studying momentum.

My solution? Now, when I am writing a paper, I turn off the Wi-Fi on my laptop and write without any distractions. Even when it’s a research paper, I do all my research first, and then write. As for my phone, I keep it on airplane mode or just turn the Wi-Fi off altogether. You can even just turn your phone over so you don’t see the screen or keep it out of reach. Whatever works for you this winter season!

Hopefully you find these tips and tricks useful. Good luck on your finals, Aggies!

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