5 Comfortable Outfit Staples for Finals

Despite popular belief, you can wear comfortable clothes and still look cute during Spring Quarter finals week. Here are a few essential outfit staples for the week we all dread!

1.    Yoga Pants

These pants are sent from heaven. They're not as thick as sweatpants, but they're still long enough to keep us warm at night. Yoga pants are also perfect for those of us who want to wear something light and loose during the most stressful time of the quarter. You can wear them while you study, work out, or even sleep.

2.    Athletic Shorts

Too hot for long pants? Slip on a pair of workout shorts. You can wear these while you study at the library or workout at the ARC. Workout shorts have gotten a lot prettier over the past couple of years. Now there are plenty of bright colors and prints to choose from!

3.   Light Cardigan or Windbreaker

It gets chilly at night, even as summer approaches. The library and study lounges are always air conditioned, so carry a cardigan or light jacket with you to drape over your shoulders or legs. I happen to have this lightweight hoodie from American Eagle in three different colors! You can pair it with a pair of your favorite comfy boots!

4.    T-shirt Dress

Do you have a casual t-shirt dress hanging in your closet and waiting to be worn? Wear it to your finals and you'll still look chic enough for the streets of Paris, where this style is popular. Just slip it on and go! Last week I woke up thirty minutes late for an appointment, and grabbed the first thing in my closet (a striped t-shirt dress). I’m STILL amazed that so many people complimented me on a look that only took five minutes to put together!

5.    Watch

You need a watch to keep an eye on the time while you take your exams. Trust me, wearing this accessory during finals week will save you from having to look up at the chalkboard so many time.

I encourage you to share your final week outfits with us on Twitter or Instagram! May these next few weeks be filled with productive decisions and comfy outfits!