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Like other fellow college students, we are fans of food, graduating, and checking our bank app for that $56.02 paycheck. But while we may not all be fans of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, I hope these stories from UC Davis students will make your day, any day.


Me: Will you lick peanut butter off my toes?

Him: That depends. Smooth or crunchy?

– Anonymous


“So last year, I had just joined a sorority and told my bff from high school, Sharon, about it. She was really surprised and made fun of me for it when I joined. Anyway, we had our first philanthropy event for Valentine’s Day and we were selling roses, tabling at the MU. The way it works is that you buy a ticket, then pick up the rose with your ticket on Valentine’s Day. I shared the event on Facebook, and Sharon told me (jokingly) that she was gonna buy me a rose. Fast forward to the day before Vday…

Source: Pexels

Sharon messages me and asks what my class schedule is like, saying that ‘some guy messaged her and asked’…she told me she figured it was a secret Valentine’s thing. I didn’t have any idea who it could be because I had no boy…ANYWAY, the next day I walk to the table where my sisters were selling roses. When I get there, one of my sisters comes up to me, holding a rose. She tells me it’s from Sharon. Then she reads a message that Sharon wrote aloud:

Hey boo, congrats on getting a bid–you are officially my basic best friend! Jokes aside, I got you this rose because I wanted to support you and your new sorority. I find that it’s a little hard for me to keep up with you as much as I’d like, since we’re so far away and super busy with our own lives at college, so this is my way of bridging the gap. You seem really excited about joining, so I hope you make amazing lifetime bonds with your sisters. They’re lucky to have such an amazingly loyal, incredibly intelligent, cool ass chick in their lives.

Love, ya girl Sharon.

I literally cried when she read the message and was overcome with so much love… it was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me, I was so surprised.

And tbh, it was better than any flowers I got from my ex.”

– Amanda Chu


Source: Pexels

“Over break, I actually went on a first date with a guy I didn’t know too well. We were supposed to go to The Museum Of Failure (such an ironic location for a first date), and honestly, I was pretty excited…not exactly about the date but about seeing the museum. Anyway, he picked me up and we talked for a long time in the car ride there and I was actually starting to think he was a pretty nice dude. But then we got there. And there wasn’t a museum. BECAUSE HE DROVE TO THE RIGHT STREET BUT THE WRONG CITY. We were in Santa Ana, but the museum was in LA.

Fortunately, I’m pretty low maintenance so we ended up driving all the way back home for an hour and just grabbed food. It was actually pretty chill. I haven’t talked to him since break, but yep, definitely one of the more unique first dates I’ve been on.”

– Krisi Aromin


“This was one of my first weeks dating my childhood best friend. No one knew about it. One time I volunteered at an event with both him and his little brother. His little brother kept asking why he was being so flirtatious with me. So he took his little brother on a ride and asked me to stay back. When they both got off the ride, his little brother ran straight towards me to envelope me in a hug, and said he was happy our childhood fights led us to end up together.”

– Jaclyn Sandoval


Source: Pexels

“Ever since Chris was five he has wanted the board game Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots and he would ask for it for Christmas every year but never got it. So I got it for him for Christmas finally, and left it on his porch Christmas morning and wrote that it was from Santa.”

– Juli Towle

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