5 of the Best Downtown Study Places

Personally, I've just recently discovered a love for studying in various coffee shops and basically anywhere that has coffee and/or food. So, believe me when I say that I have had my fair share of experience in finding great study locations in downtown Davis. If you're someone who loves coffee and needs to study, then read below for the best study spots in downtown!

1. Crepeville

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Perhaps I'm the alone in my thinking, but I legitimately think that Crepeville has the best mochas in all of California. In fact, I truly sometimes go there solely for their mochas. Plus, they have great crepes, which all of these forces combined create the perfect atmosphere for a good study session. They open early and close late every day (7am-11pm daily), so you can get in hours of studying in while sipping that sweet, creamy mocha (and eating your crepe, but that's secondary, obviously).

2. Mishka's Café    

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Mishka's Café is a great study place simply because of all of the seating that they have there, plus the super hipster-y vibe. They have WiFi for paying customers, but (this is my only stipulation) the WiFi doesn't do too well when there is a crowd of people. Otherwise, though, they have good coffee and bakery items, both of which is almost mandatory for someone avidly studying.

3. Temple Coffee

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I'm not sure if this is just because I've always had great customer service experiences at Temple, but I've found that the workers there are always so nice and create an amazing atmosphere no matter what time it is. Their coffee is amazing (plus it has cool designs on it) and they have nice air conditioning in there as well, which makes for a prime study session experience. They don't have too many seats in there, though, but I've found that there's always somewhere to sit.

4. Delta of Venus

Can I just say that I've always felt like an instant hipster whenever I walk into Delta of Venus? Perhaps it’s just the ambience that they create in there, but I swear, whenever I walk into there, I feel as though I'm about to write a screenplay or go save the Earth or something. Anyway, personally I love the food here and, therefore, love to study here. There's plenty of seating and all of the people there are friendly, so I highly recommend studying here.

5. Cloud Forest Café

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What more could you want than plenty of electrical outlets, WiFi, and adorable green walls? The coffee is great and there is plenty of room to set up your study materials, so you really couldn't ask for more. They're open for a good amount of time, too - from 8am - 6pm every day - so there's plenty of time to have a nice study session and enjoy the necessary caffeinated drink.

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