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3 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re a college student, you’ve probably heard of LinkedIn. Social networks like this are beginning to replace old-school recruitment tactics. We already love Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but LinkedIn is a new outlet that allows us to keep connected to former classmates and to connect with other professionals who have wide ranges of experience. An online presence with LinkedIn is beneficial for awareness about industry events and news. But the coolest benefit of all? Job openings.

Below are 3 tricks that have been passed on to me to help boost your LinkedIn profile. May we all land our dream jobs in no time!

1. Personalize your profile

Personal summaries are often the first piece of information potential employers or connections read. By including text that highlights your personality, skills, and strengths, it’s possible to amplify your presence. Before crafting a bio, put yourself in their shoes and plan to promote what sets you apart from the competition.

2. Share industry-related news

LinkedIn is a top social network to showcase industry-related interest. Make the most of your presence by incorporating thoughtful leadership pieces and professional updates into your strategy. Re-work press releases into blog posts and publish them here. Promote professional leadership by sharing your friends’ accomplishments. Similarly, share updates on your own milestones, like presenting at a research conference. This provides an excellent opportunity to build legitimacy and trust with your connections, who may help you get a job one day.  

3. Create unique content

LinkedIn is the most effective social media tool for industry-related advice and content distribution. Concise, quality content boosts awareness and keeps connections and employers engaged. By writing blog pieces that speak to your interests or experience in your desired industry, you have the potential to expand your networks.

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