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3 Clothing Companies That Are Changing the World

Everyone loves great style, but great style that’s also great for society is even better. Here are 3 clothing brands that are as charitable as they are fashionable.  

1. Reformation

Reformation is a favorite go-to for style bloggers when they need the basics. Besides having some of the coolest clothes around, Reformation is committed to making their clothes in sustainable ways—and they’re not just environmentally friendly, they’re also committed to empowering women.  More than half of their employees are women, and one of their main goals is to make clothing that celebrates women’s bodies. Shout out to Reformation for promoting #girlpower and making it their mission to save our planet.

2. Thinx

Thinx is an underwear company that takes care of all your period needs. They’re reducing the waste created by using tampons and pads by giving you antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, leak-resistant, and absorbent underwear that can hold up to two tampons worth of liquid. Check them out at shethinx.com to learn more about how it works! (Added bonus: for every pair of underwear you buy, Thinx donates to AFRIPADS, an organization that makes washable and reusable cloth pads for girls in Uganda.) Thinx not only makes your life easier, but is making dealing with your period easier for girls around the world. 

3. Naja Underwear

Naja Underwear calls itself the “Do-Good” underwear because the company is dedicated to empowering women. Naja products are made by women, usually single mothers or women who are the head of their households. Naja provides these women with “above market wages, health benefits, and child education stipends”. Naja is also eco-conscious and inclusive. I say inclusive because Naja is dedicated to providing a wide range of ‘nude’ undie shades for the world’s wide range of skintones. Naja is truly changing the world by reminding popular companies that nude isn’t just one color.  

Alida Araica attended UC Davis and graduated with a BA in English and minors in communication and technology management. Alida is passionate about 90's rom-coms, skin-care, iced coffee and running.
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