19 Self-Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself

Being on the quarter system, it is easy to get distracted by school work, social events, and extracurricular activities. In college, and in life in general, we have a lot going on at once and we become professional jugglers. Often we are highly stressed or overwhelmed, and that is to be expected. Since we get so caught up in our fast-paced lifestyles, we occasionally we need to take time, step back, and put things into perspective. 

So, do just that. Take a deep breath, turn on some relaxing music or ocean sounds, and take a moment to reflect on yourself as a student, friend, and individual. The questions below will help guide you through this process. And because this is all about you, try to answer these questions truthfully; you cannot improve unless you are honest with yourself.

1. How are you doing with your classes? Are you working your hardest, or doing minimal effort?

2. Are there ways you can improve your grades? If so, how?

3. Are you seeking help from your professors, TAs, or tutors when you do not understand the material?

4. Are you studying enough for quizzes and exams?

5. What events in your life are holding you back from doing your best in your classes?

6. How are your relationships with your friends, family, and/or significant other? 

7. Is there any tension between you and another? If so, how does this make you feel?

8. Are you being the best friend you can be to those that care for you?

9. Is there someone that you know you should reach out to, yet you haven’t? What is holding you back?

10. Is there something in your life that is limiting your relationships?

11. How are you handling having many things to accomplish during the week?

12. Are you stressed out? When do you feel like this?

13. Can you spend more time working on self-care?

14. Are you generally happy at college?

15. Are you content with the choices you have made in your life recently?

16. What can you do for yourself that would make you happier?

17. Do you have a clear image of what you’re working toward by being in school?

18. What are your current goals for life?

19. How have you changed for the better since coming to college?

This is our last quarter of the school year and is the best time to be determined to finish the year academically well, but also personally. Self-reflecting can make us more aware of our actions and aspirations. Now it is time to put this reflection toward improving our lives for the better!