13 Relatable 'Friends' GIFs

I just started watching Friends (I know, I know, I don't know how I lived without it before now either) and, above all else, I've realized just how relatable every character and every line in the show is. Read below to find out how true this statement really is… and just try to not binge-watch Friends afterwards!

1. When you say something really, really dumb and hope that no one else paid any attention to it (and that no one realizes that you're kicking yourself for saying it).

2. For all of those Disney movie sleepovers that you have when you're 3... okay, when you're 23.

3. That voice inside of your head that never really speaks up until after you've screwed over your entire life.

4. When you finally think of one possible idea for a string of essays you have to write..

5. TFW you see Michael B. Jordan:

6. I think that Chandler speaks for all of us and our somewhat-hopeful adventures in finding love.

7. Eh, I think we all have those "I need to eat everything in sight" days.

8. Sometimes, men are just trash.

9. We all have that one friend who pushes us to be the best, flirtiest versions of ourselves.

10. I don't know about anybody else, but once the temperature hits a cold 72 degrees, I'm all bundled up.

11. That voice inside your head that speaks up every time you trip or fall... every five minutes.

12. What I say to myself when I’m writing a paper at 3 a.m. and am just trying to make it to the word count...

13. And, lastly, this is for all those recent or soon-to-be graduates: