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13 Pumpkins That Fail Harder Than You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCD chapter.

So it’s a few weeks into the quarter now, and you’re probably starting to give up a little (hopefully it’s not just me). Here is a gallery of attempted (and failed) pumpkin carvings that’ll help you feel just a little better about your own life.

1. Every time I look at this JBiebs pumpkin, I feel a little warmer inside. Oh, 2010 Justin *sighs*

2. This looks like a self-portrait I made in kindergarten… or it could have been last week.

3. “Everything’s fine, mom, don’t worry.”

4. *Uses a bunch of toothpicks as teeth because who actually has time to individually carve out each one*

5. This “Elvis Presley” pumpkin isn’t even carved but I couldn’t not include it.

6. This pumpkin probably looked okay in the beginning, but time hasn’t been kind to it. Honestly, same.

7. Actual picture of me and my best friend:

8. Thanks, Obama.

9. Me, after pulling an all-nighter:

10. This is the pumpkin-equivalent of creating the perfect winged eyeliner on one eye and then completely destroying the other.

11. Another self-portrait.

2. When you finally finish that 8-page paper

13. Even Harry Styles, God’s greatest creation, can’t carve a pumpkin.

Nikki is a fourth year UC Davis student double majoring in English and Communication, and minoring in Professional Writing. Her passions include: puppies, Harry Styles, and Coke ICEEs. She thoroughly enjoys proofreading and hopes to somehow make a career out of it.
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