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11 Ways Rogelio de la Vega is your Inner Diva

Every character in Jane the Virgin is incredibly relatable and lovable. Michael is the dream husband, Rafael is the heartthrob, Jane is the hardworking perfectionist and Petra is the snarky cool girl. But there’s no denying that Rogelio de la Vega, Jane’s father, is our inner sassy goddess. He is #blessed and isn’t afraid to be his authentic, drama-queen self. 

Here are 11 reasons why Rogelio is your inner diva:

1.  You get furious whenever someone does something without you. 

2. You are a social media queen.

3. Overconfident is a word that doesn’t exist in your vocabulary.  

4. You are the solution to all your friends’ problems. 

5. When your friends go out without you, did they even have a fun time?

6. You get called a diva all the time. 

7. You live for drama.

8. You’re vain and you know it and you love it.

9. The world stops when someone calls you dramatic.

10. You’re the best dancer you know. 

11. You love the spotlight!

Rogelio, you are our true inner diva!


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Maria is a fourth year at University of California, Davis where she is double majoring in Economics and Comparative Literature. When she's not studying for her classes or writing up an article, you can find her playing soccer with her friends, working with the UCD School of Education or chowing down on some delicious Thai food with her roommates.