11 Things Every Literature Nerd Needs

I have a nasty habit of buying things I absolutely do not need and have zero use for, but feel obligated to get them because BOOK-RELATED. Are you an English major? Do you read books in your free time? Were you forced to read many of these books in high school? Do you appreciate genius puns? If you fall into any of these categories, you’ve come to the right place. 

1. I love Jane Austen, so naturally I own these socks. I have no clue what to wear them with, but they’re in my sock drawer in case there’s an emergency

‘Socks and Sensibility’ - Jane Austen 

2. Because Darcy is all of us

“You are tolerable, I suppose” Mug - Pride & Prejudice

3. Give this to all your fake af friends

‘My Name Is Holden Caulfield’ Pin - The Catcher in the Rye

4. The original bae

‘Boo Radley is my boo’ pin - To Kill a Mockingbird 

5. Because you are no bird, and no net ensnares you

Birdcage necklace - Jane Eyre 

6. Put this on the toilet when no one is home and don’t say anything

'This Way to the Ministry of Magic’ Toilet Sticker - Harry Potter


Harry Pugger Mug - Harry Potter

8. Swearing + Shakespeare + coloring = perfection

Shakespeare Swearing Coloring Book - William Shakespeare

9. And in case you need more, here’s an insult book with over 150,000 insults that are sure to confuse and offend everyone you care about

Shakespeare Insult Generator - William Shakespeare 

10. POE-ka dots (don’t worry, I hate myself too)

Poe-ka Dots Tote Bag - Edgar Allan Poe

11. And finally, more puns, because I’ve already sunk this low might as well go lower 

Literary Mini Matchboxes - Misc.

Cover photo source: Unsplash