10 Things to Bring to the Wednesday Farmer's Market

Spring quarter is already said to be the best quarter by many UC Davis students, despite the allergies and midterms getting in the way of our fun. But another reason this quarter is the best is because of the farmers’ markets that are from 4:30-8:30 pm every Wednesday (especially now that we’re getting some sun). Here’s a list of a few things you should consider bringing to the next one.

1. A dog (if you have one). Mostly because dogs make me happy, and the more dogs at the farmers’ market the better.

2. A blanket. One of the best parts of the Wednesday farmers’ market is getting to lay out on the lawn and listen to the live music.

3. Wine. The event is open container friendly on Wednesdays, so bring your favorite wine or beer if you’re of age (and a bottle opener).

4. Cups and Plates. If you feel like sharing your wine and food with your friends, that is.

5. Snacks. Cheese, bread, pita chips, hummus, trail mix, anything really.

6. Money. You might think that you won’t want a Fat Face popsicle because you’re bringing all these snacks, but trust me, you’ll change your mind. Or maybe you’ll want to eat dinner there.

7. Reusable Bags. In case you buy more than a Fat Face popsicle at the market.

8. Your phone. For that grocery list and those cute pictures you’ll want to take. 9. A camera. Because maybe your iPhone photos just won’t cut it.

10. Your friends. What fun is the Farmer's Market without some pals?

Rep Image Credit: Davis Farmer’s Market Website