10 Signs You’re a Book Nerd

Reading is great. It improves your intelligence. And it’s like a movie in your mind. But not everyone sees it that way. Oh sure, you think it’s normal to be up until 2 AM reading Harry Potter, but does that really mean you’re a book nerd? Read more to see if you fit into the best category ever: the “book nerd” category.

1. When everyone else is on vacation going to exotic places, you’re holed up in your house with the latest read.

2. Whenever you see a movie based on a book, you: 1) Have already read the book and 2) Know that the book was WAY better.

3. You basically speed read during a good book, just to know what happens next faster.

4. A good weekend consists of doing some reading not required for class. 

5. You love the smell of books.

6. When you finish the book, it feels like you’re losing a best friend…

7. …And you have to replace that ‘best friend’ with another book.

8. You’ve stayed up way past midnight just to finish your book.

9. You go through different genres of books just because you REALLY love to read and want to experience them all.

10. And finally, you admit to yourself that you’re a book nerd.