A 10 Day-Challenge for a Brand-New 2020

Woah, the last two digits of the year just changed in a snap. Did the last year, or even the last decade, leave you with anything impressive? I think we nailed it. We’ve made it through to the next level in 21st century. To give this new decade a fresh start, I dare you to take a ten-day challenge to boost yourself up!

Day 1: Drink 20 oz of water every two hours

I know it’s mentioned too frequently to be valued. But always, always remember to keep hydrated in this cold winter!

 Day 2: Keep 20/20 vision by quitting devices sometimes

Stop browsing your electronic devices or laying around like a couch potato. Let your eyes take a breath. Go see some nature or add some carrots into your diet to improve your vision. 

Day 3: Sweat at the gym for two hours

Don’t forget to keep in shape even when it’s cold outside. Get out of bed from a nap and grab your sports kit. You will have better quality of sleep after a great workout.

Day 4: Eat two kinds of veggies in one meal

I can’t say for sure, but my friend who’s a nutrition major would definitely recommend this. We need vegetables to maintain a vitamin balance and to digest healthy fats.

Day 5: Go to bed and wake up 20 minutes earlier

It doesn’t matter if you have early classes or not. I know many of us are not morning people, especially in the freezing winter, but 20 minutes is not a huge change of routine. Getting up ahead of your schedule would not do harm, but give you positive energy to start the day off right!

Day 6: Do your skincare extensively

I am not saying to just rinse your face with your usual cleanser, girl. Try to do the whole package, with cleanser, toner, facial mask, eye cream, moisturizer, etc. Don’t neglect your skin, even it behaves like all is well. It could go wild otherwise!

Day 7: Enjoy a 20-minute hot bath

What else could be dreamier in the cold and rainy season? Show your body some love by soaking in hot water. Let the flow of warmth cure your pain and ease your nerves.

Day 8: Read 200 pages of something you have always longed to read 

College life is often too hectic for us to open books other than notes and assigned texts. On this random day, take out a favorite book and indulge yourself for a pleasant time!

Day 9: Listen to two funny things

When is the last time you had a choked-to-death laugh? I might be exaggerating a little, but can you recall some fun moments? Watch some good comedies or hang out with interesting friends to make the whole town hear your laugh. Life is too short to worry a lot, baby.

Day 10: A challenge for the future

If you find yourself feeling relieved and terrific after the past ten days, I dare you to do the challenge again! Recover from all the scars and regrets of the 2010s. Head into 2020. I wish everyone the best from today on. Don’t be a lady, be a legend.