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Why We Love Her: Meghan Markle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

I can’t be the only one obsessed with this girl. Meghan Markle is my new bestfriend in my head, and here’s why:

1. She Plays Rachel Zane on Suits. Suits!!!


Aaaahhh! You’re missing out on life if you’re not watching Suits!

2. She’s a Huge Foodie


Check out her recipe on The New Potato. Yum!

3. She’s a Smartypants


Meghan graduated from Northwestern University. She double majored in Theater and International Relations. Talk about a boss. 


4. She Worked for What She’s Got


You might also recognize Meghan from Deal or No Deal. She modeled for the show as a way to support herself while pursuing acting. 

5. She’s a Travel Junkie


Check out her New Zealand vacay photos on her website!

6. She’s Got Classic Style



She’s one of my fashion heros. 

7. Her Coworkers are Her Homeboys


She dishes all the time about her close-knit castmates. Their chemistry makes the show that much more amazing!


8. She’s a Reader


Check out her summer reading list. I already have one of her picks on hold at Rivera!

9. Her Handwriting is Impeccable


Calligraphy was another one of her side hussles. How cool!?

10. Did I Mention She’s a Foodie?


I’m drooling.

11. Her Website is Adorable


It’s my new favorite lifestyle blog. Check out The Tig!

12. She’s Just Like Us


Markle and costar Sarah Rafferty. They look like my kinda’ gals. 


Let us know who you’re obsessed with right now and why!

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