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Why the fall back time change really rocks (for me, and maybe for you too)

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Daylight savings time is the result of much controversy, but I think we can all agree that in the long run, having the extra hour in our day during the “Fall Back” period of daylight saving time is an absolute blessing. Well, maybe not all agree, but for those of us in college it can be absolutely amazing to have that extra hour of our days back. As legislation keeps getting introduced (and failing to pass), it focuses on keeping that “Spring Forward” time, but having that extra hour in the day can be more valuable than people might realize, in my completely not-at-all-biased opinion.

When we fall back, I feel significantly less stressed about my days. Although it takes a while to stop feeling ready for bed at 9pm, I find myself more capable of getting up earlier in the morning and getting more out of my day. I feel as though I have the ability to get everything done in my day and not panic about there being so little time to get so much done. My mornings feel cozier, and the course of my days feel less packed.

Even though it gets dark a bit too early right now, it still is nice to have that extra time to sit at home, enjoy a cup of tea and a feeling of hibernation even if I have plenty of readings and homework to get done. Every evening feels a little more cozy because I get to sink into a sleepy environment that feels more calm. Meals feel a little more cozy, and moments with friends feel more relaxing. 

The morning time is just as nice; having that extra hour means that I have more time to start my day right, enjoying a good stretch or a warm breakfast. I feel like my days stretch out just long enough to insert these elements into routine, which makes my life feel a little less rushed. 

Although daylight savings can be a big pain, that extra hour in the day is incredibly valuable if your schedule allows for it. I think if we were to remove daylight savings for good, it would be better to stick with having an extra hour in our day. While the Spring Forward claims to lower crime and have health benefits, the Fall Back gives us more space in the day to breathe, get things done, and be with those we love a little longer.

Evelyn Homan

UC Riverside '24

Hiya! I'm Evelyn, and I'm a fourth-year English & Creative Writing double major. I love literature, midwest emo and goth rock, alternative fashion, and talking. A lot.