Why Queer Eye Really is More Than Just a Makeover


With a fresh new season three of “Queer Eye” out now, it is the perfect time to binge watch and binge learn the lessons this show has to offer. If you’re an avid HGTV lover and got attracted to the show because of the makeover aspect, great! It covers all aspects of transformation, from hair, to style, to home decor and more. But what really keeps the viewership so high and loyal is the mindset makeover the show truly focuses on.


Queer Eye, a remake of the original “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” brought its own fresh take by being known for tear-jerkers. The show uses each of the Fab Five’s skills, but makes sure to showcase that it was the “hero’s” capabilities all along, as Karamo calls them. This is only one lesson we all could learn. Queer Eye rings relatable to practically everyone who feels like they’re struggling. The Fab Five seem to bring out the best in everyone whether in the show or just watching. The good news is that season 3 is better than ever.


(Photos courtesy of Netflix)


This season will still having you laughing and crying with every passing minute, but continue to thrive by showing more depth to each hero. They include more discussion about mental health, social anxiety issues, family issues, and more. Specifically, they expanded their heroes by including women in this season. We get to see how the Fab Five use their presence, despite being all male, to support feminism and the blurring of gender roles. This inclusion is refreshing and respectful in how they treat these ladies. It gives the female identifying viewers more of a feeling of connection to the show, taking female empowerment to another level, and going to show that there is meaning behind the cases the Fab Five take. Each one is diverse and special in their own way, just like every viewer.


(Photo courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live)


Four out of the five even went on their first late night show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, to plug their new season. Karamo took a minute to mention that, though people may believe his “culture” position is just to make people cry, it is because he is an actual trained professional, having a background in psychology and social work. In another interview, he goes even further to discuss how every hero’s case is different. Brown also includes the fact that the makeover does not end after the week the episode consists of. While some may think the show is too cheesy or cliche in tying up bows within a week, the team actually has a longer process behind the scenes. The producers and Fab Five “worked out a system of following up and securing resources to ensure the heroes have a way to keep productively working some of the deeper issues explored on the show.” There is always more than what meets the eye, which is a main component of this show.


Despite the helpful hair tips, cooking recipes, home renovations, and style advice, the show is really about listening, caring, and learning. The Fab Five are uniquely successful in being able to make people look, but more importantly feel, better than they have previously with just a little push. Watching the show is an easy way to feel good when you’re down but also a way to focus more on yourself and what you need. They show that it’s more than okay to take time for yourself and that you should always strive to be the best you.