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As a second year at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), I’m continuously learning the ins-and-outs of the school. Sure, I know my way around the campus and have my personal opinions on which library is superior, but there are still many resources on campus that I have yet to discover. From one college kid to another, here is a list of four useful resources for UCR students.


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Student Resource Centers

If you’re on campus a lot and procrastinate, like me, then you’ve probably noticed the different areas of the Highlander Union Building (HUB). During my first year I heard about Costo Hall and The Well but never went to check out the resources. Costo Hall is made up of many different Student Resource Centers including: Chicano Student Programs, Native American Student Programs, and Women’s Resource Center, just to name a few. Each student center differs in regards to the resources they provide. If you run out of pages on your Wepa account, feel free to make a run into one of these centers and use their free printing. I highly encourage students to get to know these facilities as they are helpful and are a great place to meet new people.


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The Associated Students of UCR (ASUCR) is the student government on campus. It is run entirely by students who meet weekly on Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the ASUCR Senate Chambers. ASUCR provides multiple free resources for students on campus that come directly from the fees we pay quarterly. Free blue books and scantrons are given to students during midterms and finals all year long in the ASUCR front office. Additionally, during finals week ASUCR provides a limited amount of free parking on campus, just make sure to look out for the email sent your student account and follow the instructions there. Other resources ASUCR provides is discounted tickets to amusement parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain and Universal Studios, Bear’s Den reservations, and clicker checkout for the quarter. When exploring your career path, ASUCR partners with the Career Center to create the R’Professional Career Closet that provides students with up to three professional items a quarter. As a student, these programs are vastly helpful in saving a few dollars.

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R’Pantry is the university food pantry that was created in direct response to the increasing student food insecurity. They aim to provide emergency food to UCR students in need and connect them to resources in order to improve their health and well-being. They are currently located on the ground floor of Costo Hall in room 110. They are open for general distributions from 1:00pm-4:00pm on Tuesdays, 9:30am-1:00pm on Thursdays and Graduate students have a separate reserved distribution from 3:00pm-5:00pm; and their Facebook page has the most up-to-date hours. Students can visit the R’Pantry once a week and use their assigned 10 “points” to choose up to eight food items, two personal care items, fresh produce, and baby food at no cost to your allocated points. I strongly recommend going to R’Pantry because food insecurity is a growing issue on campus and we should never feel shame in needing a little help. We are a community that encourages the wellbeing of students.

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I know that Transportation Services (TAPS) may not have the greatest reputation amongst the student body. Nonetheless, they provide resources that we may all need at one point or another. Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm, TAPS offers Motorist Assistance that includes services such as battery jump start, key lock-out, air service for vehicles, and a free gallon of gas. All you need to do is call (951)827-4133 or use the blue emergency call boxes located on campus. One resource I personally find outstandingly helpful is the TAPS Parking App which lets you know how many parking spaces are available in different parking lots in real time. A great resource for students who are committed to alternative transportation is the Alternative Transportation Program that offers the day use of the locker and shower facilities at the Student Recreation Center without charge. In order to qualify you need to fill out required forms and meet the criteria. UCR is known as a commuter school, so make sure you know the vehicle resources available on campus because you never know when you could be having car trouble.


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These four resources on campus are  helpful in reducing the stress we face as a college students but they aren’t the only ones.. Don’t be afraid to reach out and utilize these resources that are provided for us as students. It is important for us as students to keep these resources standing regardless if we use them or not because these could be lifesaving to others.

Daniela Olguin

UC Riverside '20

Daniela is a sophomore studying sociology at the University of California, Riverside. After graduating, she plans to continue her education in graduate school and pursue a career in the realm of sociology. Outside of school, she can be found at the Student Association of Latino-Spanish Affairs planning out events and recruiting members. In her free time, she binge watches Catfish: The TV Show, rewatches Vines, or listens to the same three albums over and over again.
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