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Puppy Happy Fun Girl
Puppy Happy Fun Girl
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An Unexpected Blessing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

You know how they say the best plans we have in life are the ones we don’t make? I never thought it to be true, I’m more of a “things have to go according to plan” type of girl or else I flip! Well, one of the most important things that a girl could ever have in life, getting her first puppy, has just happened to me!


I’ve been wanting a puppy for God knows how long, but all I knew was that I was going to love it more than humanly possible. I had been in the process of looking for my perfect puppy for weeks when one day my roommate had told me about a friend selling Husky puppies. I thought to myself, no way! Getting a Husky had always been one of my dreams, but never did I think it would happen so soon. 


I was looking for a smaller dog, considering I’m currently living in an apartment, so getting my dream Husky would have to wait. So I planned for a fluffy Pomeranian that I could cuddle as much as possible at night, but I guess the universe had other plans. 


Something I was planning on getting many years from now, was now going to live with me in just a matter of a few weeks.


I was ecstatic! 

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I did all my research: I looked up feeding schedules, potty training tips, vaccinations, toys, accessories, and so much more. I wanted to know everything about Huskies and everything I could do to make her absolutely adorable, but plans quickly changed again.


After two weeks, instead of the month I had expected to wait to plan and prep my apartment for a new puppy, my roommate told me I could pick it up much sooner than I thought.


How soon you ask?




I was so excited but so scared all at the same time. I had to buy everything she would need before she arrived. I had to memorize her feeding schedule and the like in order to be the greatest dog mom ever!


And when the day came for my precious little baby girl to come home, well, it was a blessing. So now I live with a wild roommate, her two crazy cats, and now a hyper baby Husky that loves everything. 

It’s safe to say Mochi was the best-unplanned decision, by far. My advice from this experience is to never fear the unexpected, and instead embrace it, for you will never know what good can come from it!

Angela Mayorga

UC Riverside '22

Brown, Proud, and Down. Chicana writer with a lot to say! Check out my insta for more @angelswritetoo