TV Shows You Forgot You Were Obsessed With in the ‘10’s

Ever since Disney Plus came out, I have started remembering all of my fave TV shows from when I was in middle school. I will never forget all the hours I spent in front of my computer screen late at night trying to catch up on Pretty Little Liars or all the Stydia(stiles + lydia) fanfics I would read on wattpad. In case you want to take a blast to the past and re-watch any of your faves during this 3-day weekend, here are my top 10.  

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1. Pretty Little Liars. 

I mean who could forget the TV show that made everyone realize they were in love with Ashley Benson. This show had it all, from the drama to the twists and turns, to dating your totally hot teacher, any 14-year-old girl was hooked as soon as they got the first message from -A. And who could forget those season finales that left you on the edge of your seat for months? 


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2. The Lying Game. 

A much lesser-known series, but just as good nonetheless. I mean this show was basically the Lizzie McGuire movie but with murders and way more boy drama. I personally remember losing my mind every time we found out more about Sutton as Emma struggled through her life. And all of their outfits were always incredible. 


3. Secret Life of the American Teenager. 

Who could forget about the secret life? I feel like a new person got pregnant  every season - whether it was Amy, her mom, or her sister! They were pulling pregnancies out left and right to keep this show running. But did we love it? Heck yes. And was Ricky literally one of the hottest guys on TV when we were 13? Definitely. 


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4. Finding Carter. 

Finding Carter was always stuck in my head because of the theme song. Even now, I hear it and am instantly brought back to all of the madness of watching this show and finding out Carter’s mom actually kidnapped her as a kid. Just the concept of this show was crazy, and it always kept you on your toes. And there was a character literally named bird, to top it all off. 


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5. Gossip Girl. 

Who could have possibly made it through their teen years without having a massive crush on Nate Archibald? Gossip Girl was literally one of the most pivotal TV shows I watched as a teenager. All my friends watched it when they were like 13 or 14, but I was super late to the game, watching it at 19. And the best part was all my friends wanted to watch it with me and relive their pre-teen days of wild parties, upper east side nights, and watching Penn Badgely not as a super scary serial killer


6. The Vampire Diaries. 

Were you team Stephen or Damon? The Vampire Diaries was easily one of my favorite TV shows I watched in high school. I shipped Delena so hard, it was ridiculous. And Nina Dobrev was like my favorite actress of all time. Now, when my friends watch it on netflix I am instantly brought back to all the nights of begging my mom to let me use the TV to watch the newest episode premier. 


7. The Originals. 

And on that same vein, the TVD spinoff- the Originals- was just as entertaining (if not more) than the OG series. Klaus, in New Orleans, with all of the chaos that he created wherever he went, was the pinnacle of television drama. And Phoebe Tonkin? Easily one of the most beautiful ladies on television. Between Caroline and Klaus, and Haley and Elijah I was never sure who to root for more. 

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8. Teen Wolf. 

One word: Sterek. Why every single teenage girl on Tumblr shipped Stiles and Derek so hard? I’m not sure. Was I on that bandwagon? Absolutely. Teen Wolf single-handedly made every teenage girl in the world fall in love with Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey. Teen Wolf, I think I loved more than most shows on MTV. I will never forget watching each and every character on this show go into some supernatural form and being surprised literally every time. 


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9. Glee. 

I think Glee has been one of the most influential shows I ever watched. Every time I come home from school on any kind of holiday break, my mom and I always watch it together. From all the chaos of Finchel that made you believe that guy in your history class would be the one you’d marry once you graduated. Also, since I was a theatre kid, breaking into song every 15 minutes was like the dream. 


10. The Glee Project. 

Finally, a spinoff of Glee was the Glee Project, which was incredible. Very cheesy, but incredible. This show had a bunch of contestants compete to win a spot on the TV show Glee. More often than not, Ryan Murphy would just end up bringing a bunch of them on for the fun of it. That’s where so many amazing people got their start from Alex Newell to Alli Stroker. 


So there you have it. I hope this took you on a stroll down memory lane and brought you back to the good days of drama-filled TV that set up unrealistic expectations for high school.