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Trying Out Starbucks’ Holiday Seasonal Drinks

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Lately, I’ve been going to Starbucks more frequently after they released their new holiday drinks. Surprisingly, this was the first time in a long while since I’ve ordered anything from Starbucks. But I decided to be adventurous and try out the new popular drinks to see what all the excitement was about. And quite frankly, I was very much satisfied and even decided that I wanted to go ahead and try every item on the holiday menu and share my opinions and thoughts on them. So, here are my thoughts on some of the most delicious drinks. 

Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte

After hearing that this was the most popular drink at Starbucks, I knew I had to try it myself. The drink is topped with festive red and green sprinkles to bring out the holiday spirit. The almond milk was light and a bit watery. But the sugar cookie syrup added more creaminess and sweetness to the latte. This drink definitely feels like it can be a year-long drink and is a great choice for when you need a bit of caffeine to help you get through the day.

Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino

This is my personal favorite out of them all! I know many people have mixed opinions regarding pairing mint with chocolate. But I personally find that mint gives off a refreshing after taste and complements well with the sweetness of the chocolate. Topped with whipped cream, this drink is absolutely delicious and for those who love mint chocolate flavors! This drink deserves an 11/10. 

Caramel Brulee Latte

If you love caramel and enjoy a bit of toastiness, then this one’s for you! I’m a fan of this rich, creamy caramel flavor and it is a must-get for coffee lovers. This drink screams Christmas season and cozy sweaters and a burning fireplace. It’s not too sweet, and not too bitter either.

It’s always a fun experience trying out new drinks, especially at Starbucks where they are known to always have a handful of fun selections for each holiday. So in case you have not tried any of these drinks, be sure to head out to your local Starbucks so you don’t miss out on these amazing drinks while the holiday is still around.

Chau Tran

UC Riverside '23

Chau is a writer for HerCampus at UC Riverside. She is currently a fourth year psychology major. She enjoys baking and journaling during her free time.