The Top 3 Hollywood Conspiracy Theories of the 2000’s


Thanks to the internet, conspiracy theories spread like wildfire, ranging anywhere from government cover ups to fake celebrity deaths. For the last two decades, hollywood conspiracy theories have gained momentum through sites like Reddit, Twitter, and online blogs.


Here is a list of the top three Hollywood Conspiracy theories:


1. Sandy died in the movie Grease

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The Theory:

Gaining popularity in 2016 via a reddit thread, a fan theory speculated that Sandy Olsen, played by Olivia Newton John, drowned in the beginning of the movie. As Sandy’s brain was deprived of oxygen, she entered into a comatose state. The entire movie thereafter is her coma induced dream.


The Evidence:

Lyrics within the duet “Summer Nights” alludes to this - “She swam by me she got a cramp”

From Sandy’s perspective, Danny Zuko (John Travolta) would have saved her -“I saved her life she nearly drowned”


The end of the movie seemingly disregards all laws of physics as Sandy and Danny’s car flies into the sky. Puzzling viewers for decades, this theory has brought up a seemingly logical explanation. The car is a symbol of Sandy passing away, heading towards the afterlife.


2. Singer Avril Lavigne was replaced by an actress look alike


The Theory:

Rumors began circulating in 2015 about the pop-punk singer being replaced by a doppelganger. The real Avril Lavigne is believed to have committed suicide in the early 2000’s after the release of her debut album Let Go. Due to the popularity of the album, the producers decided to replace Lavigne with a clone named Melissa.


The Evidence:

Many people have drawn comparisons between various pictures of Avril Lavigne, noting that certain freckles, moles, and other distinct features are different or missing.


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3. Nicholas Cage is a Vampire


The Theory:

The legend was born when a portrait from the 1800s surfaced on eBay of a man who looks a lot like Nicholas Cage. The user who posted the photo captioned it - “Nicholas Cage is a Vampire / Photo from 1870 / Tennessee”.


The Evidence:

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Which of these do you believe?