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There is nothing that beats snuggling up with a cozy blanket and starting a new book during the chilly autumn season.  Bookstores are super exciting to visit during this time of year because they include tons of great sales and new releases. Here is a list of three books definitely worth picking up and reading this fall!

1.You, Again by Kate Goldbeg 

If you’re a fan of the film When Harry Met Sally, behold this modern-day retelling of the classic enemies-to-lovers romcom. This novel tells the story of Ari and Josh, who hate each other after first sight, especially when they find out they are both essentially hooking up with the same girl. Ari is not the commitment-type girl; she values focusing on her work as a struggling comedian. On the contrary, Josh is a hopeless romantic who dreams about being a culinary chef and finding the love of his life. The two polar opposites keep meeting each other years later at pivotal stages of their life. At one point, the ongoing banter and tension becomes too much and they realize that they actually bring each other more comfort than they’d like to admit. Can two enemies turn into friends or possibly something more?

When Harry Met Sally
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2. The Secret History by Donna Tartt

This book is the definition of dark academia vibes. It revolves around a boy named Richard who begins studying at a new prestigious college and joins an elite squad of students learning Greek. However, he finds himself in trouble almost immediately as one of his new friends– Bunny– is found dead. The story centers around the series of dramatic events that led Richard to misfortune and the consequences of what will unfold after. 

3.The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes 

In the first book of an addictive and thrilling trilogy, The Inheritance Games follows the story of teenage Avery Grams, who myteriously inherits billions of dollars and a mansion from a complete stranger known as Tobias Hawthorne. The problem is that she has to live in the mansion for a whole year with his four grandsons who were left close to nothing by their own grandfather in order to claim the inheritance. Throughout her year living in the mansion, Avery and the Hawthorne brothers decode hundreds of puzzles left by the old man. Love, secrets, and revenge are all in the air as each individual, especially Avery, discovers drastic information about her identity, making her realize her old life was never what she thought it was. 

Elisa Chavez

UC Riverside '27

Hello, my name is Elisa and I am a first year English major beyond thrilled to be a part of the writing committee. My favorite hobby in the world revolves around reading romance and fantasy novels, in fact I love spending time at bookstores. It is also worth mentioning that I adore cats, indie music, Harry Styles, and watching "Gilmore Girls" all year round.