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The Golden Bachelor is Reinventing The Bachelor Franchise

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

In the world of reality television, The Bachelor stands out as one of the shows that is most notorious for high-stakes drama and over-the-top cast members. The Bachelor has been airing yearly for over two decades and has amassed a dedicated fan base. However, in recent years the show has slowly gained a reputation for being repetitive and in need of a major revamp. 

With the currently airing spinoff, The Golden Bachelor, the franchise has taken a turn for the best. Rather than possessing a cast that is in their twenties and thirties, the show stars seventy-two year old Gerry Turner and features female contestants no younger than sixty. While the show follows the typical trope of having a group of women practically fighting over one man, the energy of the episodes is already vastly different from what is typical for the original show. 

The Golden Bachelor might have a lot of the same key features as the original. The house, the roses, the one on one and group dates. But there is also plenty of heart to this edition. Despite being technically opponents, the women speak highly of each other and appear to be genuinely supportive. There are moments where they help each other get ready and talk about their life experiences outside of the lead of the show. They all have a common goal and some disagreements are expected, yet so far, the episodes have been actually, dare I say, wholesome. 

There are many reasons why this wholesomeness has prevailed in the episodes that have been released these past few weeks. Having an older cast means everyone has a unique outlook on relationships and what they want their future to look like. As of now, it seems like there is a genuine interest in finding love again instead of the usual reality television theme of just wanting to be on the series for fame. It goes to show that love does not have an age restriction and it can be entertaining to watch no matter how old the cast is. 

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursday nights at 8PM PST on ABC and is also available the next day on Hulu. 

Alyssa Gordon

UC Riverside '24

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