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The First Look at the To All the Boys Spinoff XO, Kitty is Everything

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

The beloved little sister of Lara Jean (Lana Condor) from Netflix’s rom-com franchise To All the Boys is getting her own series! Kitty Song-Covey (Anna Cathcart) is back in the ten episode series titled XO, Kitty, set three to four years after the events of To All the Boys: Always and Forever. With Lara Jean away at college in New York City, it’s time for Kitty to take the lead and experience her own love story. 

Now sixteen, Kitty gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a boarding school in Korea. This isn’t just any boarding school, though. It’s the same one her mom went to in high school and the same one her long distance boyfriend, Dae (played by Twenty-Five Twenty-One’s Choi Min-yeong), goes to. According to Kitty in this first look clip, it’s destiny. 

Along with the brief scene of Kitty convincing her dad and step-mom to let her go to Korea with a carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation, Netflix also released eight pictures to introduce the world of XO, Kitty. One of the best parts of the To All the Boys movies were Lara Jean’s fashion choices, and you can already tell this will continue in the latest installment of the franchise. 

XO, Kitty marks the first time showrunner and author of the To All the Boys books, Jenny Han, comes out with a show that is entirely new and not based on one of her novels. Even though Kitty might not have her own book, her show is the perfect opportunity for Han to explore her character even more. Han has acknowledged this by saying, “For us, it was about giving Kitty the chance to really explore her inner self and to offer that peek into what she’s thinking.” Given how iconic Kitty was in Lara Jean’s story, it is wonderful to see her back on screen in a main character role.  

XO, Kitty arrives on Netflix May 18.

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