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Springtime Emo/Emo-adjacent Albums to Jam Out to This Month

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For those like me who listen to emo and pop punk music all year round, I think we can agree that bands like Spanish Love Songs and The Wonder Years, while absolutely amazing (and in rotation all year long, honestly, in my case), they’re more sad, wintery albums that get me in my feelings at the end of the year. Luckily, there are several albums that I love to throw on during the spring and summer months, so I can still get in my feelings and bop my head, but it feels more suited to the flowers and sunshine outside.

As is common for the emo and its related subgenres, please be aware that some of these albums have songs and themes that deal with heavy subject matter.

  1. Temple of Plenty by Somos

The first Somos album I had the pleasure of being introduced to, Somos were an amazing band from Boston that combined critique of capitalism with dreamy riffs and vocals. All of Temple of Plenty is incredible, but “Familiar Theme”, “Dead Wrong”, and “When You Pass” are standout tracks that wouldn’t be out of place on the beach.

  1. you’ll be fine by Hot Mulligan

Full disclosure, I’m a major Hot Mully fangirl, so if I could this entire list would probably be Hot Mulligan. you’ll be fine features the hits “*Equip Sunglasses*” and “BCKYRD”, which feature sad lyrics, excellent riffs and catchy choruses. Throw them on at the family barbecue and rock out. And hope that your family doesn’t listen to the lyrics too closely.

  1. Sticks and Stones by New Found Glory

A classic of modern pop punk, NFG’s third album Sticks and Stones centers on-point emo-like vocals, teenage angst, and features from pop punk greats like blink-182’s Mark Hoppus on bass in “Something I Call Personality”. And for those planning on a Hot Girl Summer, there’s always “My Friends Over You”.

  1. Peripheral Vision by Turnover

This might be the spring album. With soft instrumentals and lyrics about a love affair that has come to an end, this one might be your best bet for the longer evenings you spend planning out your warm-weather escapades. Check out “Cutting My Fingers Off” and “Humming” for a taste of what the album has to offer.

  1. Beside Myself by Basement

Another deliciously lighthearted album, Basement combines beautiful composition with poetic lyrics. It’s whimsical and exceptional. Check out “Disconnect” or “Keepsake” and you’ll see what I mean. 

  1. Awkward and Depressed by Canadian Softball

Just because it’s emo doesn’t mean it needs to be sad. This parody album takes everything that we hold dear about being emos – the being bullied in high school, the people who took the culture way too seriously – and pokes some lighthearted fun at it. My personal favorite are “Ohio Is For Emo Kids” – turn it on and laugh out loud.

Every time of the year is the perfect time to listen to emo music, so turn these albums on if you need something a little more lighthearted (composition-wise, anyway) as we enjoy the warmer months.

Evelyn Homan

UC Riverside '24

Hiya! I'm Evelyn, and I'm a fourth-year English & Creative Writing double major, as well as an Honors student researching independent studying in the 21st century. I love literature, midwest emo and goth rock, alternative fashion, and talking. A lot.