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Spring Break!

Finally! It’s that time of the year again when we get one bitter-sweet week from classes, homework, study sessions, and long boring hours at the library. Bitter, because it’s only one week, (how lovely it would be if it were two!!) and sweet because although it’s only one week, there are such great opportunities to be held! Do you have absolutely no idea what you’re going to do with your time off besides sleeping in on those cozy mornings and skipping through television channels and browsing the web? Well, if that’s you, please, oh pretty please don’t waste your one week of bitter-sweetness that you will be dying to get back by the second week of spring quarter!! Even if you’re low on cash, there are tons of things you could be doing!

If you’re not one of those lucky, tanned girls that returns from a week in the Florida sun or off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (beautiful, by the way!) you still shouldn’t stop yourself from having fun and catching a few rays of sunshine! Make sure you put on sunblock though because you definitely do not want to return to school with a nasty sunburn.

Since we are returning from spring break to a brand new spring quarter, why not change things up a bit? Have you had the same style in your room all school year long? 

Try moving your desk around, or putting that poster on another wall. Changing things up can make you feel refreshed and like starting new. Or better yet, buy something new for your room! Some cool art décor to hang by your window, or a comfy new chair where you can study during the long school days. Also, have you been dying to read those new Hunger Game novels? Spring break is the perfect time to do it! I heard they were amazing, and it’s always fun to read books before seeing the movie! Other fun ideas is scrapbooking! Get all those fun pictures together of you and your best friends, or the cute, adorable ones of you and your significant other and make a fun, and most definitely award-winning (in the hearts of the people who see it of course) book! It will be a treasure you get to keep and look back on. If you have some cash, there is always a girls’ favorite thing to do, and go shopping! This spring has unique and cute ideas regarding fashion. Those brightly colored skinny jeans and shorts look too

 cute when put with a white shirt or jacket. I’ve seen them in just about every fashion magazine, and white lace is a most definite for this spring season! If you’re looking forsomething really crazy why not dye your hair a fun new color? Blonde is perfect to get ready for the summer time beach days, or red is always a bold new color to try. If you’re feeling rebellious, dye your hair black and go against all spring time colors! That’s definitely fun too. If you’re in need of cash, you’ll also have tons of time for job-hunting! Best of luck spring breakers’!  

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