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It’s that super spectacular time of year again and I could not be more so elated. Free Comic Book Day is within counting down distance and it makes my head spin with an overwhelming sense of self. There is nothing more fulfilling than hitting up as many shops as you can and getting as many free comics as you can (well that may be a slight hyperbole)! Around this time last year I was merely pondering the idea of telling all about Free Comic Book Day, not out of some weird selfish thing but because I wasn’t particularly sure that many people were even into comic books anymore. So a week before the event Her Campus UC Riverside and I decided to post about it and hope that people saw in time. BUT fear not, because I shall give out all the information needed at least three weeks early this year and then maybe again a week before. It seems that superheroes are a big thing right now and I’m not one of those people that gets upset when something they like becomes mainstream (except my music, leave my bands alone), so I couldn’t be any happier to fulfill all your comic book loving needs. Well most, anyways.

Allow me to describe Free Comic Book Day:

If you would follow me on a journey to the fantastic Free Comic Book Day website, you can look up almost anything you want to know. It is a day where comic book distributers, writers and artists release previews to the public. If you ever wanted to get into comic books but weren’t sure how, this is definitely a way to find out what you might like. Some shop owners also put out a few older random comics that the store doesn’t need, so there is a chance to get a little of everything. Basically, if you have free time and you don’t want to spend money, take a trip to a comic shop and check out what they have for you. It’s FREE.

Why you should be excited/ attend:

If I have to tell you to be excited, it really defeats the purpose. If you’re not into it, you’re just not into it. I can’t force you (obviously), but I can encourage you. This is something that my family and I genuinely enjoy and look forward too, it’s a fun experience! It’s exciting and also just a little bit nerve wrecking, but that may just be the list I make of comics I have to get. Everyone is encouraged to dress up and cosplay as their favorite villains and superheroes and vigilantes, but no one has too. The atmosphere is accepting and joyful and sometimes shops even bring in comic artists and entertainment. Also I may have forgotten to mention this, but IT’S FREE.


To find a participating shop near you visit Comic Book Store Locator.


May 3, 2014. (first Saturday of May, every year)

Find out what Free Comic Book Day has to say about becoming a comic enthusiast.

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