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Single on Valentine’s day?

I know what you’re thinking. Just another Valentine’s Day article, written by a lonely single girl, trying to make other single girls feel better about being single on Valentine’s Day. The day we are reminded of the fact that we are single and have yet to find a boyfriend to change that. Stop it. You are so wrong, and clearly you have the wrong impression of me!

I am so excited for February 14, 2014 for the reason most of you are dreading the date. It will be the one year mark of my official single status! Yes! Exactly one year! My unfaithful lying ex-boyfriend did me the favor of walking out of my life forever on this very date a year ago! Trust me, it took some time to accept the harsh reality of the break up I went through last year. But this time around, I could not be happier for this day to arrive. The fact that it lands on Valentine’s Day makes it that much more significant.

It’s nice to see my friends all in love and celebrating with their significant others. Trust me, I’m very happy for them. But I am also genuinely proud to be single. For someone who was a very loyal person in a committed almost four year relationship, the last person I ever took care of was myself. My unfaithful partner did not even care to make me a priority–which is entirely irrelevant at this time– but the fact that I no longer have to worry about making sure someone else is happy at all times is such a relief! It is so exhausting to try and put effort into a relationship that cannot be rectified, especially when two people are just not meant for each other. For all these reasons and more, I have truly learned to enjoy being single. I can now focus on myself and do the things that I have always wished but never dared to really do. Yes, we are all very busy with school, work and other commitments we may have, but, we should make time to do something that makes us be happy too.

Ever considered crafting, taking a dance class, or even doing kickboxing? Now is the time where you can try something new! Come out of your bubble and find yourself. This is not a guide and this is most definitely not a “what to do list when you’re single on V-day” article. However, this article is to help you see how great it is to embrace the fact that you are single, in your college years, when it is time for you to start discovering yourself.

Since becoming single, I’ve been able to lose 20 pounds, get a new job, start a YouTube channel, blog, and many more things. I’ve even had a change of heart in regards to actually following my dreams and making sure they become reality. I hope my story inspires you to do what you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you could. I hope it helps you be able to see that being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing. So don’t hold back from the things you wish you could do; believe in yourself, because you are worthy and capable of greatness.

Don’t let being single define you, and don’t let it make you grow bitter. If the right guy has not come along, it is simply because it is not your turn yet. Focus on yourself, love yourself first, and make yourself your own first priority. Believe me; the way you treat yourself is key to living a happy life. Value yourself, and most of all believe in yourself. You can do and achieve anything you set your mind to.This way, when the right guy for you does come along, he will see how much you value yourself and will think twice before letting you go. So go ahead and reinvent yourself on this Valentine’s Day. As a matter of fact, reinvent the way you perceive Valentine’s day and being single overall. See it as a day where the world is filled with love in the air and don’t forget to tell those whom you love how you feel about them every day! Not just on Valentine’s Day.

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