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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

What a Friend Had to Say About Our Campus Cutie: You can hear this girl across the campus, she has an incredibly loud laugh, but the point is that she is always happy no matter what, her smile is the kind that can brighten up your day. She’s just so sweet.”

Age: 21
Hometown: Azusa, CA
School Year: 2013
Major: Mathematics 
Relationship Status: Single

Getting to Know Her

What made you want to pursue a major in mathematics?
This is going to sound so lame but I think math is fun, and one day I hope to become a high school math teacher through the Teach For America program.

What are your plans after graduation?
Oh man I hate this question, umm I plan to never move back in with my parents lol and move straight into to teaching, or maybe teach abroad for a couple years.

Highlight of your Summer?
The highlight of my summer was visiting San Francisco with all of my friends! And having such an awesome job and co-workers at the UCR Challenge course!

Campus Activities?
My favorite campus activities are SPORTS!!! I love playing IM sports. I play volleyball, basketball, and flag football with the Black Panthers!! woop woop!!!!

What would you do if you won the lottery?
Sadly, I would pay off my sisters loans because she owes a lot from attending UCLA and Columbia University, but after that I would do all that crazy stuff like ski dive, euro trip, buy a pet pig.lol

Favorite things about UCR?
I LOVE that UCR is soooooo diverse! I have met so many people and learned a lot through them.

Celebrity Crush?
Ughhh this question is so hard!!! It’s between Will Smith and Hugh Jackman

If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go? And why?
I would probably go to New Zealand I heard they have these really cool caves and hikes with beautiful scenery!
Three things you couldn’t live without?
I probably could not live without candy because I am an addict, movies, and friends & family!

If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be and why?
I would probably invite Harry Houdini so he can teach me some tricks on how to get out of handcuffs, and how to not get hurt when someone punches you in the stomach! i would be invincible after that conversation

Favorite place to eat around campus?
I like to eat at latitude and they sometimes play sport games on the televisions there!

Favorite musicians/bands?
I can always listen to Weezer for some reason.
Relationship Stuff

Turn Ons?
You know….killer abs….just kidding. I think its a turn on when a guy is just funny and silly and doesn’t care about what people think of him.

Turn Offs?
Someone who has a short temper!!!

Who do you think should make the first move, a guy or a girl? And why?
Hmmm….I think guys should make the first move because it just feels better that way, but I’m not against girls making the first move because sometimes guys take forevvverrrr to ask lol.

What is the funniest pick up line that has been used on you?
The worst one was, “If you were a booger I would pick you first” but it made me laugh lol

What would be your ideal romantic evening?
I know its not very romantic but I love going to arcades! I am super competitive especially when it comes to air hockey. 

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Nicole Martinez

UC Riverside

Nicole is a senior at UC Riverside where she is majoring in Media and Culture studies. She co-founded the Her Campus UC Riverside chapter her sophomore year in college. She loves to spend her free time watching The Mindy Project, Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and other shows with leading ladies. She also dabbles on tumblr, instagram (obviwearetheladies), and twitter. Mindy Kailing and Shoshanna are her spirit animals and in the near future she hopes to achieve elite status on Yelp, pursue a career in Public Relations and ultimately conquer the world.