Robyn Rihanna Fenty Does it Again: FENTY Beauty’s New Eye Products

Even though there was just a release with the Snap Shadows Pallets last month, on January 16, FENTY beauty dropped their long-awaited Full Frontal Mascara and 20 different colors of Flypencil

The mascara was announced first on their Instagram, and beauty influencers like Alissa Ashley were able to tweet about it and tell people their first thoughts. 

(Photo courtesy of Twitter)

Alissa Ashley wrote, “Okay yeah this fenty mascara is bomb, so far it hasn’t smudged at all I’m juiced!” She also said it reminded her of the Pat McGrath mascara, but as of the moment, she liked the Full Frontal Mascara a tiny bit better. 


FENTY Beauty had been hyping up the mascara as the weeks have passed by, showing pictures of people like MUAs and Rihanna using it on their Instagram and other social media pages.

(Photo courtesy of FENTY Beauty’s Instagram)

Three days before the launch, FENTY Beauty surprised everyone with a new advertisement. It wasn’t for the long-awaited mascara. It was for 20 eye pencil colors that would drop the same day as the mascara!

(Photo courtesy of FENTY Beauty’s Instagram)

FENTY Beauty is always changing the game of the beauty industry. They support people of color who love makeup by providing products that show up on anyone’s skin. These products are always of the highest quality and last ages. 


I personally don’t think I’ll be purchasing the mascara because I don’t like chunky mascaras, but I think I might get a Flypencil or two as I learn how to do my eyeliner. It’s one of those things where I trust that this brand will provide me with a product that can work for both beginners and experienced people. 


FENTY Beauty is so far winning 2020, and I honestly can’t wait to see what products they bring out next.