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Ladies, here are two things you absolutely must see during quarantine: The Princess Bride and Too Hot To Handle! These two are far from each other in terms of genres, but I assure, you will love it while being in quarantine.


The Princess Bride is a classic everyone must see if one has not seen it yet. The National Film Registry has labeled it “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. It is a story filled with comedy, fantasy, and most importantly romance. Let’s admit it ladies, we are all a sucker for romance, but in addition it is a very sweet love story. The basic story is how a grandfather is reading a book called the Princess Bride to his sick unwilling grandson. The story is about Princess Buttercup and her true love Westley who overcomes various obstacles to rescue her from the horrendous Prince  Humperdinck. This movie is funny, sweet, witty, and lines that are unforgettable! I guarantee, there will be a smile on your face after watching it for the first time or rewatching it.

Now, after watching a sweet movie like the Princess Bride and you are in the mood for reality entertainment, look nowhere other than Too Hot To Handle on Netflix. This tv show is based on the fact of showing restraint. 8-10 attractive individuals will be stuck in a beautiful tropical island and cannot kiss or have sex with each other. If every single person shows that they can go one month without kissing or having sex with each other, the entire group gets 100,000 dollars. If anybody breaks a rule such as kissing or more, money will be deducted for the entire group. I find it extremely funny and ludicrous that someone actually came up with the idea that attractive people can go one month without any physical intimacy for a large amount of money. The funny part is that the participants fail to follow the rules, not caring about the huge amount of money at stake, which is easy money that can be won without using any brains or skills. It is very funny to watch the contestants as you will be transported back to high school as each individual represents a stereotypical high school character seen in tv shows and movies. This is a fun, mindless entertainment that will definitely make you laugh. I recommend watching this with your girlfriends with wine and popcorn on Friday night, as you watch attractive boys and girls struggle to keep their hands off each other and the things they say. I can guarantee you that you will be relaxed and filled with laughter at the end of this.

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Rithika Nair

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