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Planning life after graduation: Where to begin?

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Graduation is approaching, midterms are next week, and our hair is falling out! How in the world will we be able to juggle applying for jobs, internships, showing up to school on time, and maintaining a social life? Worry no further. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare for graduation without turning bald.

Step one: Make a list.

When you feel overwhelmed with the many, many things you have to do, pull out your Google Calendar or your favorite strawberry patterned notebook and write it down. Make a list of your short-term and long-term goals. Begin with writing down things you want to accomplish after graduation. Do you want to apply to grad school? Do you want to apply to internships or to a job in your field? Where will you live after graduation? Once you’ve made a list of questions and comments you want to answer or have answered, pin it on your bulletin board so you can look at it every morning and think about the answers to these questions. 

Next, make a list of things you want to do before graduation. Whether that be saving money for a deposit for your new apartment, or preparing your personal history statements for grad school. Take the time now to use the resources in your college to help you network and find jobs you didn’t know existed.

The last two lists you need to make are your daily and weekly schedule. Make a list of the work you need to turn in today and tomorrow on a post-it note. Buy a weekly schedule journal so you can update your weekly goals and achievements. Being able to check a box on a list daily can make you feel successful and much better about your goals. Once you see on paper how much you’ve accomplished for the day, imposter syndrome reduces and you feel better. 

Step two: Pass your classes

While the overwhelming feeling of dread washes over us for the day we no longer are undergrad students, please keep in mind your classes! Senioritis can slowly creep in without us knowing until we stop showing up for class. Continue to work hard and turn in your homework. Don’t let tardiness and lack of effort in your last quarter in undergrad keep you from walking the stage. 

Step three: Set the date

Once you’ve paid your dues and registered for graduation, it’s time to set the date! Share the time with your friends and family and make sure you hit the mall for a new suit and/or a sparkly dress. Dust off your prom shoes and polish your heels. Graduation is approaching and around the corner. Make sure you’ve booked your photographer, and have made your nail appointment. You don’t want to miss out. 

To wrap things up, preparing for graduation can look like many things.  Whether it be just staying on track and attending class until the last day, or making sure you’re turning in all of your assignments before the big celebration. Graduation day is approaching soon and we don’t want to see anyone unprepared! 

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